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oh ok, thanks man, the people over at zm didn't even bother helping me at all

Double Post Merge: July 27, 2015, 07:46:20 pm
well thats all good, now i just need to make it move downwards when triggered, would I just do the same thing with like bariers like how you can put a scipt_struct and make it move like that
1846 days ago
So in the beginning area there will be like an area with a shit ton of zombies - like the beginning of moon, and in the centre there is an elevator that would be bought for some points which would take the players down to the actual map, but if a player dies then they could spawn at the beginning but then the elevator wont be there so how can I force the players to spawn at the top first but after the trigger is bought for them to spawn at the bottom of the elevator?
1847 days ago
but what do i actually type in the notetrack part?
2033 days ago
ah cool MK and no ahaha its just like a little pattern i type in using the num pad
2037 days ago
oh ok thanks again harry :D could you show me what it looks like in the note track part and what a sound alias looks like? ive done soundalias stuff with tuts for bo1 guns so im assuming its the same?
2037 days ago
I'm not using the ugx mod in my map though and at the top it says I need it, thanks though
2039 days ago
Does anyone know of a good tutorial to get bo2 sounds for my guns? i couldn't get much when using the search on ZM or google and all I know (which I don't even know if its true) is that it's got something to do with notetracks?? Thanks for any help
2039 days ago
title says all, i would like to figure out how to make a door model rotate on a point like a hinge
2039 days ago
yeah it turns out I have to do every anim thanks
2049 days ago
gamer9294, thanks for the suggestions but the fov is all at the default 65 in the weapon files and _zombiemode.gsc too
2050 days ago
well unfortunately it didn't help me here, made no difference  :derp:
2050 days ago
harry, well since I copied the colt weapon file it would be the same as that one, in assmanager at the xmodel part of the weapon file it says: default view hands = viewmodel_hands_no_model, im guessing i should change that the the xmodel of my viewhands and yes we are useing the exact same set.
yeah I did select tag_torso the shit-clicked to tag_cambone then selected hierarchy
2050 days ago
Hello, when I attempt to port a bun from black ops 2, the gun seems to be too far forward and slightly too high opposed to what it looks like in the camera in maya 2012.
I've been following elfenliedtopfan5's tutorial and I've done everything he has done step by step (apart from doing all the tamins, I only did the idle's ones to see if I was able to do it) Thanks for any help.

2050 days ago
Ok Thanks rdvlpr ill try it later on and ill let say if i get it working but if you are gonna make a video on it you probably should so other people can port bo2 player models too
2062 days ago
well yeah but i saw in another post that when he used the bo2 bind file the face got all screwed up and someone said he had to delete some joints, should i just use the bo2 bind file as is and not delete any joints?
2063 days ago


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