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Thanks, I was able to get it working in WaW. And yeah, I had no problem with setting up the xanims and xmodels, it was just getting him to spawn in. I'm having a little difficulty getting it to work in Black Ops though. The game doesn't crash when I load it up, though the boss just never shows up. Is there anything I'd have to change in the gsc file in order to get it to work correctly in Black Ops?

did you create a function in the boss zombie script with this in it?
org = spawn("script_origin", your coordinate); 
org.targetname = "zomeng_spawn";

so like
org = spawn("script_origin", your coordinate);
org.targetname = "zomeng_spawn";

If you do, then add level thread your_function_name();

in the init() function of the boss script
1168 days ago
Bumping again.

Plans have changed once again. Dogs for CotD are scrapped, just going with the Engineer for now. Looking through the gsc files for Kino, I found a couple strings that look something like this:

	collision = spawn("script_model", (-763, 834, 96));

Would I do something similar to that to set a spawn point for the boss? Like, say something such as:

	org = spawn("zomeng_spawn",(-146.91, -1390.64, 104.374));

it should've been this i believe
org = spawn("script_origin", your coordinate); 
org.targetname = "zomeng_spawn";

Also do you even have the asset files set up for the boss like xanims, and its xmodel?
1169 days ago
Yeah, I was able to figure out what I was doing wrong. I was following rollon's tutorial on modding Black Ops, and it sounded like he said to not include any gsc files in the iwd checklist. So I decided to instead go against his word and included the edited script in the iwd, and that ended up fixing my problem ::) Thanks for the help though!
Glad it works. Happy modding.  :)
1183 days ago
Bumping this again. I'd really like to know how to do this, because Black Ops is being a pain in my ass when it comes to modding!
Maybe try to go to zombie_coast.gsc

Try to comment out two of the lines by using //
	level thread maps\_callbacksetup::SetupCallbacks();

level.dog_spawn_func = maps\_zombiemode_ai_dogs::dog_spawn_factory_logic;

//setup function pointers

level.dogs_enabled = false;

// Special zombie types, director.
level.custom_ai_type = [];
//level.custom_ai_type = array_add( level.custom_ai_type, maps\_zombiemode_ai_dogs::init );
REMOVE THIS----> level.custom_ai_type = array_add( level.custom_ai_type, maps\_zombiemode_ai_director::init );
level.custom_ai_type = array_add( level.custom_ai_type, maps\_zombiemode_ai_faller::faller_init );

 REMOVE THIS----> maps\zombie_coast_ai_director::init();
maps\zombie_coast_lighthouse::init(); // WW (02-02-11): Moving the light house scripts in to their own file

level.door_dialog_function = maps\_zombiemode::play_door_dialog;
1183 days ago
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alright thank you  :)
1364 days ago
is the script supposed to say "stringtable" or "stringable"??
1403 days ago
is there a way we can look at the names for the other weapons in multiplayer? Or do we have to port guns
so far i don't know any ways to get the names for other weapons. maybe by using the console command? But mostly i just port the weapons. I haven't add any multiplayer weapons to the box.
1405 days ago
is this for multiplayer weapons? Or custom made ones?
It should work for any weapon you try to add. Its similar how you would add weapons to the mystery box for codwaw except its only relying on zm_levelcommon_weapons.csv.

Double Post Merge: October 09, 2016, 07:49:36 pm
Nice tutorial ! Can you put link too Download the file ? Beacause my file is corrupted by NotePad++ !  :please:
What do you mean your file is corrupted by notepad++?  ???
1405 days ago
can i put weapons that are exclusive from shadows and the other maps into this code for it to be able to be in my map or no?
Possible, im not so sure about it because we might not have the assets files for the weapons from what i believe. I maybe wrong though
1405 days ago
1. Go to Share/raw/gamedata/weapons/zm/zm_levelcommon_weapons.csv

2. Copy zm_levelcommon_weapons.csv. Paste the file here --> Usermaps/YOURMAPNAME/gamedata/weapons/zm/
   look like this

3. Now go to Usermaps/YOURMAPNAME/zone_source/

4.Open with notepad or notepad++ or you can just edit the zone file with the launcher. Then add

5. Add the custom weapons you want in Usermaps/YOURMAPNAME/gamedata/weapons/zm/zm_levelcommon_weapons.csv

6. Lastly Compile and now you should be able to have your own custom weapons in your mystery box.

1408 days ago
did you still have this part? if so remove that part.

Edit: where did you edit the generic_human.atr? In the raw file or in your mods folder?
1443 days ago
thanks ill try it now

Double Post Merge: September 01, 2016, 08:20:48 pm
still doesnt work, it keeps saying that it is not defined, how do i do that?

what anims are still undefined? How did you set up the anims in generic_human.atr? some pictures would help.
1443 days ago
also tried replacing the viewmodel_hands_no_model with the richtofen one. same result :).
Edit : and also replaced them with the ones i riged them with. also same result.
welp i ran out of ideas, maybe just try to port all of you mr-28 anims again. :-\
1469 days ago
Maybe its the main anim model, Did you have something like ads up model and ads down model?
1469 days ago


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