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Open the thompsons weapon file and look for the vidwhands it uses. Try those.
I still get the same result.  :-[
1929 days ago
ok ill try it if i have time
1931 days ago
Im having this problem with rigging a cod waw thompson to a bo2 scorpion animation. Everytime i attempt to rig the thompson then put to join weapon rig, it always make the gun pointed down instead of holding it the way it suppose to be.  :-\   
1931 days ago
I keep having this error. I don't know what im doing wrong but its the dlc3_code part in the tutorial that im stuck with         
1942 days ago
 I beat the map at round 12!!  ;D This is the best map i have ever played. The engineer boss scares the hell out of me but the ghost made me jump as soon i turn around. Great map and i hope to see more maps like this.
1961 days ago
He just told me that he didn't do the dishes and his Dad deleted his map and took away his laptop for a month.  :'(
wow again another punishment :'(??
2017 days ago
Well I got my laptop back after a week so im continuing working on it, any weapon requests you guys would like to see from either black ops or black ops 2, I can fully port both now :D (still need to learn how to open and convert black ops 2 tanims though) but if I do a weapon expect it to have good stats, its REAL sounds (shoot, reload and charge), and super shmexy pack a punch camo :D
awesome, how about the spas-12 from bo2 campaign and the bo2 rpd
2017 days ago
2061 days ago
this map looks nice. Maybe a desert version at night and dark fog probably.  :P
2061 days ago
i think it would be nice if mob of the dead police model from grief and viewhands of it could fit in this map  :).
2074 days ago
this map didn't cause any lag on my computer which im surprise  :o
2082 days ago
Can you say the number of the viewhands :O
because there are only BO2 and GHOST ones :P

And thanks guys
viewhand NR.1  ::)
2138 days ago
awesome map. I think the mw2 viewhands would fit good with the map  :)
2142 days ago
bouncing betties redesigned

(Image removed from quote.)
i notice it looks like a motions sensor from bo1  ???
2187 days ago


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