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1. Go to Share/raw/gamedata/weapons/zm/zm_levelcommon_weapons.csv

2. Copy zm_levelcommon_weapons.csv. Paste the file here --> Usermaps/YOURMAPNAME/gamedata/weapons/zm/
   look like this

3. Now go to Usermaps/YOURMAPNAME/zone_source/

4.Open with notepad or notepad++ or you can just edit the zone file with the launcher. Then add

5. Add the custom weapons you want in Usermaps/YOURMAPNAME/gamedata/weapons/zm/zm_levelcommon_weapons.csv

6. Lastly Compile and now you should be able to have your own custom weapons in your mystery box.

1207 days ago
Video shows it all. I could never find a fix to this issue every time i port a custom weapon.

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1347 days ago
First: i have played this game for a long time and never have any issues with it, but now suddenly im getting crashes everytime i start up cod waw.
EDIT: fixed the crashed its because of nvidia 

second: i don't know if anyone is having this issue: when i go to fullscreen, i can't adjust my brightness in the game, it doesn't do anything

third: my cursor appear everytime i start the game in fullscreen and it won't let me move and select anything in the menu with the in-game cursor until i press the windows button then go back to the game and i can able to select and move my in-game cursor. Its really annoying and irritating

1584 days ago
Counter Strike Global Offensive Weapons mod

Hello, this is my first wip mod for waw

                                                      Dual Berettas
                   UPDATE 10/3/15---------------------------------------------------------------

not much features for now... the progress will be slow since i have school in the way for now
1584 days ago
i ported galva knuckles and the anims just fine both in maya and codwaw but every time i melee, the gun is attach to the galva knuckles model as you can see in the picture

any ways to fix this?
1663 days ago
i use sergei's sprint animation from bo1. In maya the animation looks fine. but in game its really weird. If i set to delta and checked looping and "use bones" in asset manager this what it looks like

If i unchecked "use bones" then this is what it looks like

what am i doing wrong? ???
1778 days ago
Im having this problem with rigging a cod waw thompson to a bo2 scorpion animation. Everytime i attempt to rig the thompson then put to join weapon rig, it always make the gun pointed down instead of holding it the way it suppose to be.  :-\   
1901 days ago


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