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I actually don't know but i have experienced with the bug.
1069 days ago
Some guns have bugs relating to aiming and holding them.
1069 days ago
A'ight. Hopefully that meeting is soon. Can't wait for an update!
1077 days ago
it may only work when the power is turned on. There is a way of it being able to open it without the power switch by having ITS power on. But I don't know the vars... sadly. just an advice... i guess...
1083 days ago
We need more walls...
1083 days ago
Awww. I only play it on the Xbox One. If I had a nice gaming desktop or laptop, I would have had the PC edition.

Speaking of the Xbox One, im only level 40. but dont play like one. I play like at least a level 100. partially thanks to the wikia. for example: as roadhog, you can hook an enemy D.Va with her defense matrix enabled. (in your direction of course).

I've gotten plays as McCree, Genji, tracer, I think Ana once, even Zenyatta. anyways, wish i had  a pc to play the pc edition.
1085 days ago
In the Personal statistics, Matches is spelled wrong. (its currently machtes)
1085 days ago
ooookay, despite that, WB.
1089 days ago
Come on no votes yet? This was disappointing... :(
1091 days ago
Welcome to the UGX Community filled with people insulting remakes. and people insulting box mappers.
1096 days ago
I'll get on this as soon as i can. Glad i can help test it.
1096 days ago
Version "1.15"
its still here.

and no raygun makes it less pew pew.
1097 days ago
The better term of "private rooms" is whisper or PMs. but PMs are already a thing on UGX. So...

I can't wait for the whisper feature to be a thing. very useful. when the chat is active...
1098 days ago
I've gotten an email from delta, about the new chat. and the picture was 4 years ago. it has been worked on for a long time.
1098 days ago
I believe that is one of the feature of the new chat we are getting. If not, just... don't yell at me. pls.
1098 days ago


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