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Heres part 2 of Kowloon Zombies
8 days ago
any more updates?
9 days ago
A majority of good maps are located in the UGX Map Manager:
here are a few that I prefere:
Moon Wasteland
Nuketown Remastered
Nuketown 1887

although 2 are more BO2 Themed.
11 days ago

Because Susan Wojchici's algorithm is shit, I havent gotten a single view since april without posting a link on a different site. Here's Kowloon Zombies
13 days ago
apologies if this is in the wrong section, not entirely sure where i should place this, but im just looking for zombies maps with the Desert eagle included in the map for Either BO3 or WAW it doesn't matter which, or a mod that replaces a weapon with the desert eagle or adds it?
 1. Definetly Check out PSH/I Hazz Rabbiez's workshop on steam. Especially his Certified Weapons mod.
 2. Clinic of Evil (Has D'eagle on the wall)
 3. Stairway to Hell (WAW & BO3)
 4. Maps that Support the UGX Mod (WAW. such as Comosea, Insomniac, Requiem, Hogwarts, ETC.)
20 days ago
Looks good, will try later
33 days ago
 Wrong part of the forum bubba
80 days ago
good work on map so far. question tho, why do the zombies have denizen eyes on them on the thumbnail
93 days ago
Me and my friend our trying to get the map working and we got to the main menu. We just can't figure out how to start the map. When I click "Zombies" on the main menu, it just tells me that the Black Ops servers are not available. I do not know if we did something wrong but we installed it through the installer so I assume it isn't a game mod issue.
 thats treyarchs fault, PC-Dev says its fixed now
93 days ago
I think you forgot a download link.
107 days ago
the ghosts weapon common asset is no longer available on Mega
107 days ago
I never played a mod this hard since gridlock, my highest round is 21, good job.
131 days ago
Can't wait to play. Downloading now.
155 days ago
YAS! I still have my beta copies from WAW
159 days ago


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