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Messages - conn6orsuper117

Nice detail so far. Can't wait for the final release!
3 years ago
Both, it's the napalm zombie script fanmagic made a while back.

Okay, thanks for clarifying O0
3 years ago
Fanmagic - Boss Zombie
Is this an actual boss zombie with special abilities or just a cut/paste script for bullet sponge zombie?
3 years ago
Nice job so far!
3 years ago
The detail on this map is TREYARCH level of detail. good job so far
4 years ago
This map is making me hungry, looks nice will try later :)
Don't quote the entire post, OK?
4 years ago
Just a heads up, I've encountered 3 bugs:
zombies don't run away when you down with quick revive resulting in an inevitable game over,
when you red screen with Jug, you don't regen health causing the infamous 1 hit glitch.
[Rare] downing with the thundergun will cause the reload animation to loop

like the addition of the BO2 death animation tho.
4 years ago
to launch ugx 1.1 maps, I think it has to do with either hitmarkers or having controller enabled, I dunno if this helps. this is all I got for you
4 years ago
 I second what GimmyNeutron said, if it aint broke, don't fix it. the PAP system in BO4 is what contributed to BO4 zombies's negative reactions, I think this patch needs to be reverted, I know you want to be done with this mod, but the mod was already perfect until these features were added and changed
4 years ago
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