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good work on map so far. question tho, why do the zombies have denizen eyes on them on the thumbnail
3 days ago
Me and my friend our trying to get the map working and we got to the main menu. We just can't figure out how to start the map. When I click "Zombies" on the main menu, it just tells me that the Black Ops servers are not available. I do not know if we did something wrong but we installed it through the installer so I assume it isn't a game mod issue.
 thats treyarchs fault, PC-Dev says its fixed now
3 days ago
I think you forgot a download link.
17 days ago
the ghosts weapon common asset is no longer available on Mega
17 days ago
I never played a mod this hard since gridlock, my highest round is 21, good job.
41 days ago
Can't wait to play. Downloading now.
65 days ago
YAS! I still have my beta copies from WAW
70 days ago
When i click the map, Ricardo appears.

Where is the download link m8?
You DO realize what day it is, right? 
84 days ago
I think this should be moved to the youtube section
98 days ago
maybe the boss could add bonus points or a fire sale drop if he was defeated without anyone getting shocked
108 days ago
If you really want to remake Greenrun to the max I think you first need T4M for that.
I am not sure if the map is going to hit limits besides T4M but maybe, maybe you are lucky and everything is working fine in waw.
This is not impossible and that also goes for the scripting.

But I am not going to make something like that, it will take a lot of time and I have my own plans for releasing new maps for World at War.
I think there are others around who do like to remake that?

If you want to go safe zone it's best to make it bo3.
about 4 years or so ago, I came up with the Idea to make a more compact tranzit with all of the locations bunched together, it was possible but everyone had other projects and jobs & stuff so the project got abandoned.
116 days ago
Someone on CodZombies reddit managed to rip the ENTIRE Greenrun map, I dunno if its possible to port it into Worldatwar or to just retry in bo3
just wanted know if its still too late.
116 days ago
Fun map :D

Having problems displaying the video so please click on the link

Includes custom subpar Thumbnail (drawn by me, no surprise)
136 days ago
Very nice. downloading now
139 days ago


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