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 sorry, and yes, this is true. I lost the files to my map and have unfortunately moved on from mapping any call of duty games (although I still do play them).
 doesn't radiant save backups though?
162 days ago
I remember seeing this on reddit, glad to finally see it come here to UGX
185 days ago
Any new updates about the map? Also hope everything is going well with everything going on in 2020!
 he posts updates on his twitter.
222 days ago
Hey guys, so this is definitely my last update  to this map, unless there is something game breaking, I am moving to BO3 now, so this is it. 
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
 haven't touched the map in a while, guess its a good excuse to give the map a return. can't wait to see what you have in store with BO3
222 days ago
Nice detail so far. Can't wait for the final release!
310 days ago
Both, it's the napalm zombie script fanmagic made a while back.

Okay, thanks for clarifying O0 
317 days ago
Fanmagic - Boss Zombie
 Is this an actual boss zombie with special abilities or just a cut/paste script for bullet sponge zombie?
319 days ago
Nice job so far!
333 days ago
The detail on this map is TREYARCH level of detail. good job so far
341 days ago
This map is making me hungry, looks nice will try later :)
 Don't quote the entire post, OK? 
359 days ago


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