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Messages - conn6orsuper117

Dead Links :'(
2 years ago
you had my interest until jumpscare
2 years ago
We talked about this awhile back.  Apparently you need to have amd hardware.
"Lightning — 08/09/2021
@YaF3li the north company custom map only works   on half the people that has amd hardware and other hardware doesn't work like on Intel and Nvidia"
Damn, that sucks. though weird since my laptop ran on intel.
3 years ago
Yes, It is almost entirely impossible to play North Company, but I know it IS possible.
I recall being able to play it when it first came out years ago but I don't remember how I made it possible. I had really bad specs on my computer (it literally was a $400 laptop from bestbuy) and I had several settings turned off but I don't remember how I was able to go in easily.
I tried it with all my settings down but instead of an error, I freeze on the loading screen when the bar is full
Is it possible on a desktop Computer?
3 years ago
I think it'd be cool to add the M1 Garand grenade launcher in as a PAP bonus (like how the Aug had a shotgun masterkey, or the M16 had a grenade launcher) rather than remove it entirely
3 years ago
Wrong section, bud
3 years ago
There will be one more update after this but not sure when, it will be a rework of all the lighting and FX for the map thanks to C.H.N.

Patch notes for this release.
"added bo1 kino vox to repalce dlc3"
3 years ago
REALLY? Jumpscare in the Jug Room? in a non horror themed map? didn't the forum have this rant years ago? -___- :facepalm2:  
3 years ago
Map is great so far, but Headshots are Broken AF, when I aim for the head it either doesn't register or I shoot their arm off and when I get near PAP, gas zombies can be heard but nowhere to be seen.
3 years ago
Dead page, my dude.
3 years ago
sorry, and yes, this is true. I lost the files to my map and have unfortunately moved on from mapping any call of duty games (although I still do play them).
doesn't radiant save backups though?
4 years ago
I remember seeing this on reddit, glad to finally see it come here to UGX
4 years ago
Any new updates about the map? Also hope everything is going well with everything going on in 2020!
he posts updates on his twitter.
4 years ago
Hey guys, so this is definitely my last update  to this map, unless there is something game breaking, I am moving to BO3 now, so this is it.
Patch Notes
Panzer won't throw players out of map
Co-op loadscreen Fixed
M4A1 Grenade launcher switch anim working
Helicopter animation working co-op
Added animated pilots to Heli
Added animated soldiers to Heli depending on how many players
Removed hud and weapons on Heli intro
Fixed some weapon stats and sounds
Fixed Heli model to have bench + textures
Fixed a hole in the floor at stage
Fixed an EE bug
Removed Gun Game as it was broken and never saw anyone play it
Removed hitmarkers
A bunch of other stuff, I only documented changes made in the last week
haven't touched the map in a while, guess its a good excuse to give the map a return. can't wait to see what you have in store with BO3
4 years ago
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