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September 28, 2013, 03:18:05 am
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We talked about this awhile back.  Apparently you need to have amd hardware.
"Lightning — 08/09/2021
@YaF3li the north company custom map only works   on half the people that has amd hardwa...
2 months ago
Yes, It is almost entirely impossible to play North Company, but I know it IS possible.
I recall being able to play it when it first came out years ago but I don't remember how I made it possible. I had really bad specs on my computer (it literally was a $400 laptop from bestbuy) and I had...
2 months ago
I think it'd be cool to add the M1 Garand grenade launcher in as a PAP bonus (like how the Aug had a shotgun masterkey, or the M16 had a grenade launcher) rather than remove it entirely
2 months ago
Wrong section, bud
4 months ago
There will be one more update after this but not sure when, it will be a rework of all the lighting and FX for the map thanks to C.H.N.

Patch notes for this release.
"added bo1 kino vox to repalce dl...
5 months ago
REALLY? Jumpscare in the Jug Room? in a non horror themed map? didn't the forum have this rant years ago? -___- :facepalm2:  
9 months ago
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