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Heres part 2 of Kowloon Zombies
161 days ago

Because Susan Wojchici's algorithm is shit, I havent gotten a single view since april without posting a link on a different site. Here's Kowloon Zombies
166 days ago
Someone on CodZombies reddit managed to rip the ENTIRE Greenrun map, I dunno if its possible to port it into Worldatwar or to just retry in bo3
just wanted know if its still too late.
359 days ago
Fun map :D

Having problems displaying the video so please click on the link

Includes custom subpar Thumbnail (drawn by me, no surprise)
379 days ago
I dunno if this part of the site still has any relavent use (noting that it says beta), but everytime I try to P.M. Somebody, it always gives me an error saying:

3 emote(s) have been removed because you do not have permission to use them


​​​​​1 emote(s) Have been removed because you do not have permission to use them
when I dont even have Emotes in my Message.

I need to respond to a few messages and this bug is preventing me from responding.
509 days ago
My computer has been having these wierd lagspikes for months now, and its all because this weird event where I suddenly have no room in my harddrive (IE 5 to 0 GBs free) then suddenly I progressivly gain it all back (i regularly have at least 100 gb free). does anybody know whats causing this?
520 days ago
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Includes custom subpar Thumbnail (drawn by me, no surprise)
529 days ago
I was gonna archive my old Map Ideas I posted years ago, but I saw the site had an overhaul while I was out, and that part of the forum was removed. is it too late to request access to my old Map Ideas posts so I can archive them (in case for some spontanious reason I gain the technology & ability to make BO3 maps)
531 days ago
Ending's kinda [insert non P.C. word]

Includes custom subpar Thumbnail (drawn by me, no surprise)
535 days ago
My 1st Custom Zombies Video with World at war

Includes custom subpar Thumbnail (drawn by me, no surprise)
540 days ago
Title says it all. I've been looking for the font for ages but no luck.
543 days ago
Title and post changed due to reasons stated below. But is leaving the doc up for anyone to see the list
554 days ago
so these are fresh thoughts which is why this review may seem rushed and redundant here and there.

 2 hours ago my xbox finally downloaded the beta. For every 30 minutes I tried out every gamemode. First i tried out Team deathmatch, which to be honest is a clickbait gamemode as its actually kill confirmed.

 I was dissapointed to find out everyone always chose 2 maps to play on (which I havent memorized the map names but its the one with the church and the tank and the otherone the outpost on the cliff with the ladders in the middle).
of all the matches I played in, I was the only one who got the most kills on my team, and we still lost, every game I was put on the losing team. And why did they scrap grenades, a key feature in combat, for specialist abilities. countless times, I got PMs from team mates cussing me out for putting down razor wire, or flashing them by accident because I was so used to throwing grenades.

 And note that I say PMs because nobody talks, even the ones who have mics choose not to talk. for 2 hours I get put into lobbies with only 2 mics and none of them talk throughout the matches, even if I get put on their team.

the countless deaths in the game is the same as the last 4 CODS, shoot first, die first. I even aim for the head but its evident that headshots are broken (like collaterals are in MWR) and it costs me the kills.

Next came heist, which was a mega letdown as once again I was put on the losing team. this time though, I was lagging because the map we chose took too long to load, so I didn't get to choose my specialist nor my classes, and instead was "punished" by spawning in with a shitty pistol (with only one clip I may add) while everyone else spawned in with their classes.

after the 10th time I was "Punished" for loading in too long on every other gamemode, I just gave up and called it, this is not worth buying for Multiplayer. We still have yet to see Blackout (which is just gonna be a PUBG clone by the looks of the trailer) and zombies (which is the reason why i preordered in the first place).

If you dont play zombies or BR, dont buy/Pre-order BO4.

feel free to say what you guys think. again sorry if it sounds rushed or redundant, these are fresh thoughts
561 days ago
I'm up for a festive 4 player game of Clinic of Evil (& Possibly Nuketown Remastered). I'm available at 2:30 (Pacific coast time) tomorrow,
1) both maps must be up to date
2) The Maps (Obviously):,11551.0.html,12734.0.html

3) no mics required.
4) a solid connection.
no password

Double Post Merge: May 25, 2018, 10:01:05 pm
if anyones willing to join. the server is ready, no password is needed
638 days ago


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