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BO3 tools are not as limited as you seem to believe they are.
In fact, I think they already trump [email protected]'s tools in almost every aspect.
Plus, BO3 just looks better.
Not to take away from this mod, as it does add a fresh new feel to [email protected], and will probably keep it alive for a little bit longer.

I misspoke, what I was getting at is the lack of things from within the stock maps - SoE rituals, DE Bows, most of the 'bosses' etc

Either way I still feel the content of WaW maps both past and present outweigh the current level of BO3 creations
1512 days ago
Way I see it WaW is in its prime and this mod adds a new lease of life

BO3 tools are pretty limited and thus I don't really consider them worthy of attention

Until such a time where the tools are actually worth the space they hog this mod is this place to be imo - am aware a couple of other maps are due to have this implemented, hope they are the first of many more to come  :)
1516 days ago
Hey, just wanted to say what a truly spectacular mod you guys have put together, definitely one with mad amounts of replayability  :)

One thing I did wonder as watched Relaxing play some of it was how are you expected to get Headshots with a Grenade Launcher? Perhaps Multi Kills [4 or more] would have been more suitable

Other than that I cannot wait for more maps to adopt this mod because it deserves huge respect purely for the time and effort that has gone into making it

10/10 from me  :D
1516 days ago
A Howl buff would be most welcome, thing is awful despite the cool concept [pardon the pun]

As for the Scavenger, wish was an instakill weapon officially as it'd make Solo much better, regarding George I'm sure could make him immune just like he is against the Wunderwaffe

If do include unused weapons I'd like to see the Grim Reaper, M60, WA2000, PSG1 and RPG - feel Snipers and Launchers were underappreciated and the M60 is simply beast :D
1664 days ago
This project blows my mind with each update - hugely impressive work - I aim to spend a lot of time savouring this once it becomes available :D
1691 days ago
Interested to see how that vision turns out, good luck  :)
1773 days ago
Great to see this is still in progress, easily one of the most anticipated maps on this forum
1773 days ago
Dual Cel-3's? I'm sold! :D

Those images look pretty damn good, I eagerly await further updates :)
1799 days ago
Was thinking about a perk called porter-nade that changes your grenades into instant teleporters, which teleports the player were ever they are thrown (only playable areas) secondary effect could be if thrown at another player you swap places. Opinions?
I'd like to see that added, even if purely for messing with team-mates lol
1910 days ago
Just wanted to say I truly admire the scale of this map in terms on detail and features - think the best compliment I can give being it feels like an official release considering how people will be spending days figuring out all there is to find :)

One minor thing, which unfortunately is beyond anyone's control, is the spawn cap
A figure [24] which is shown to be ridiculously low and something I was hoping Treyarch would address in Black Ops 3 but as yet they have not [TranZit was the 1st time it became noticeably lacking]

I only bring this up because I watched some gameplay and it demonstrated how unless you stick together at all times the spawn rate is insufficient to sustain any kind of pace
Sure there's a mind-boggling array of things to do which is great but for those looking to simply jump in and play I could see this being an issue

I apologise for the slight negativity, I'm more than aware there's no way round it and it's a great shame

That aside, I look forward to seeing more and enjoying all there is to discover :)

TLDR Map is on par with an official release though scale spotlights the woefully low zombie cap
1934 days ago
Makes sense, thanks for the info :)
2025 days ago
Just completed the main quest solo and even got the Retriever to boot - one question though, how do I get the Redeemer? I had a message come up about resurrection but didn't get the opportunity to claim my reward :(

Overall my thoughts regarding the map were it felt like Black Ops 3 came early
Honestly it's insane to think this map is running on a 7 year-old game and has content matching - if not surpassing - games of today, a true masterpiece and one that will remain highly ranked for a long, long time :)
2025 days ago
Thanks guys, I'll add you momentarily as I'm online as I write this :)

CotD is my all-time favourite map, regarding the VR strat, definitely something required to get far in a reasonable amount of time

As for connection, I spent a lengthy period dealing with 2 bars so I am comfortable with almost any setup - even persevered when the framerate nosedives though those games tend to end shortly after that begins :(
2146 days ago
Imagine title alone has whittled many people down particularly considering the game is nigh on 5 years old but imo it's still fun, hence this post

Basically I'm looking to reach goals I know I can achieve but various factors have prevented me from doing so - availability of team-mates, tech issues, bad luck etc

I currently hold a 40+ round average across the 10 maps and am seeking someone similarly able that's willing to partake in lengthy sessions [Aiming for 50's which can take 7+ hours depending on map etc]

Alongside this primary goal I'd also like to get a full team to perform a task I've thought about since the map 1st released - doing the Shangri-La Easter Egg 4 times [Or at least twice to set up for a 50+]

If you've read this far and haven't clicked or dozed off then I'd like to hear from you and with any luck we could get something going in the near future

Thanks to any and all who take time to check this out
2146 days ago
Having a powerup in your back pocket sure could come in handy, my run on Origins earlier would've benefitted from having a Max Ammo to hand [had numerous occasions where 2 dropped together...]

Imagine most members are aware by now that I am an extremely patient and easygoing type so I'm always willing to chill out and let the modders do their thing knowing I'll thoroughly enjoy the finished product when the time is right
Nothing good ever comes from hassling, in some cases it can be highly detrimental and harm the community going forward

In short, take all the time you need adding, changing and testing things - I have a good feeling it'll be well worth the wait

Good luck :)
2249 days ago


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