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Imagine title alone has whittled many people down particularly considering the game is nigh on 5 years old but imo it's still fun, hence this post

Basically I'm looking to reach goals I know I can achieve but various factors have prevented me from doing so - availability of team-mates, tech issues, bad luck etc

I currently hold a 40+ round average across the 10 maps and am seeking someone similarly able that's willing to partake in lengthy sessions [Aiming for 50's which can take 7+ hours depending on map etc]

Alongside this primary goal I'd also like to get a full team to perform a task I've thought about since the map 1st released - doing the Shangri-La Easter Egg 4 times [Or at least twice to set up for a 50+]

If you've read this far and haven't clicked or dozed off then I'd like to hear from you and with any luck we could get something going in the near future

Thanks to any and all who take time to check this out
2146 days ago
In particular, One Window 'Challenges' and there's a 'few' of them out there unfortunately

Seriously what's the deal? Custom Zombies, as a whole, is at a place where maps and mods being released are comparable to official Treyarch creations yet these 'maps' keep getting made, WHY?!  ???

I'm just wondering if people/websites refused to host this sub-par content that MAYBE they would cease to exist

I know I'll get flak for this because sure they've opened the mod tools and spent some time tinkering but these 'maps' should NEVER see the light of day and to see them still appear from time to time is frustrating

I'm all for increasing the number of people creating maps and mods but quality is so important that things like this cannot be tolerated anymore imo

Even in non-box 'maps' there are things which are lingering due to copy and pasting/sharing - messed up models/perks/weapons, spelling errors and more

I doubt anything will come of this and as I said before I'll probably come out of this not too well but I can't be the only one getting tired of people not taking time to check things are functional and correct
There must be others who think 4 walls and shite everywhere does not equal a 'great' experience because it isn't, it was meh 5 years ago and by today's standards it's garbage  >:(
2331 days ago
Been a keen follower of this forum for quite some time and it seems the list of maps that don't get finished or get shelved only to be forgotten about is growing at an alarming rate

I fully understand people have jobs/lives etc but for some maps to go months without any kind of update is insane

I really hope this trend passes and the visual treats dangled in front of us are completed so we can enjoy them - by all means take your time, perfect all the features and layout etc but don't do a Ronan Keating because it is NOT best when you say nothing at all
2566 days ago


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