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BO3 tools are not as limited as you seem to believe they are.
In fact, I think they already trump [email protected]'s tools in almost every aspect.
Plus, BO3 just looks better.
Not to take away from t...
1512 days ago
Way I see it WaW is in its prime and this mod adds a new lease of life

BO3 tools are pretty limited and thus I don't really consider them worthy of attention

Until such a time where the tools are actually worth the space they hog this mod is this place to be imo - am aware...
1516 days ago
Hey, just wanted to say what a truly spectacular mod you guys have put together, definitely one with mad amounts of replayability  :)

One thing I did wonder as watched Relaxing play some of it was how are you expected to get Headshots with a Grenade Launcher? Perhaps Multi Kills [4 o...
1516 days ago
A Howl buff would be most welcome, thing is awful despite the cool concept [pardon the pun]

As for the Scavenger, wish was an instakill weapon officially as it'd make Solo much better, regarding George I'm sure could make him immune just like he is against the Wunderwaffe
1664 days ago
This project blows my mind with each update - hugely impressive work - I aim to spend a lot of time savouring this once it becomes available :D
1691 days ago
Interested to see how that vision turns out, good luck  :)
1774 days ago


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