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Messages - sryanbruen

Why is everybody working on a Nacht der Untoten remake? I'm sick and tired of seeing Nacht remakes, please remake something else or even SOMETHING ORIGINAL.

Double Post Merge: October 21, 2016, 05:28:35 pm
EDIT: Sorry that I seem hostile, I'm just getting very annoyed easily by the frequent Nacht der Untoten remakes. But anyway, you do what you want and don't mind me getting pissed off.
8 years ago
I never really thought about it actually but yeah, it would be cool.
8 years ago
^ this

And also pointing out no one just "gives" their maps away

Regardless of what's added to the mod tools the models actually used in the maps will still be referencing the old ones and as for scripting etc - you won't be able to use the old stuff at all so again regardless of what they add to the mod tools it's still gonna require "redoing completely"

Total ass move I know - pointing out the shear scope of your proposal as a modder who actually "understands" the ridiculous amount of work that would be involved


Again going back to the future situation. My maps will be made in a very long while. See how long the World At War mod tools or mods in general took to be how they are now? 2008-2016, 8 years! Do you think I'm gonna do the maps anytime SOON? NO Do you think I'm expecting mappers to do my maps anytime SOON? EH NO!!! You seriously think me and people with logic are real idiots by the way you go on.

As for the Joeycx, like I said in my first paragraph on my original post, I DO NOT HAVE THE SKILLS TO MAP. I have tried SOOOOO MANY TIMES and I am not a liar. I have checked a lot of resources and tutorials, I cannot get the hang of it which is why I'm looking for mappers (IN THE FUTURE Harry, not now, this was a thread to share my ideas).
8 years ago
you're being way too ambitious
try doing something with the tools before announcing you're gonna make a whole pack


Double Post Merge: October 20, 2016, 03:15:34 pm
Lol you think these mappers are gonna send you their maps?  ;D

Regardless of the fact that's highly unlikely - it's also highly unlikely they will spend the days required to send you every model, material, weapon, image, fx

Even then the lot would need rezoning- all assets would need to be reimported via APE and half the functionality won't work

That's without even mentioning the scripts

Lol yea good luck

Why are you such an ass? Plus hello.... Black Ops 3 mod tools will get to the point of where World At War mod tools are at right now with plenty of assets and things scripted. The mod tools are in beta for god sake.... I said IN FUTURE for a reason.
8 years ago
So I have made a poster for my first custom zombies map pack which I hope to release in future.... that's if I find a mapper who's willing to co-operate with me or somehow I develop skills to map. Yes, you don't need to comment on the bad pictures OR the untidy labels, I know it's not a good poster. I just wanted to make a poster of some sorts to show my maps and what the pack should look like.

I am nearly fully completed planning my first map, "Pyramiden des Untergangs" (Pyramids of Doom), including easter egg quests. I still have to work on every other map.

And "Remembrance" will be a custom map version of Revelations btw EXCEPT MUCH BETTER. The maps in Remembrance will be Das Herrenhaus, Clinic of Evil, Ragnarok, Project Viking and Collingwood Psychiatric Hospital (if the mappers allow me to have them... so don't think they're confirmed).

8 years ago
I see you still have that chip on your shoulder then bud. I don't get it man, I have sat in parties with you and Stevie and you're both really cool guys but on here you both act like complete assholes. All I do is try to moderate on here and you give me grief for it at every opportunity. You seem to have changed since your personal circumstances changed but you know what, that's your problem, not mines.

Until yesterday my Wife was pregnant. We found out last week that it was an ectopic pregnancy and she was advised to have the pregnancy terminated as it could have had serious effects on her health. What was a great few weeks for us have become a miserable time but we move on from it. Do I bring these issues here with me? No! The reason? Because I am a mature adult and can keep my personal dramas separate from my forum etiquette.

I don't know why you can't do the same. You're still snapping away at people and acting like a child. Maybe you should sort yourself out and stop blaming others for your own shortcomings man.

I really respect you, agreeing with everything you have said to people.

Double Post Merge: October 15, 2016, 05:11:27 pm
No kidding dawg! My motto is, don't go talking crap about maps if you ain't a mapper.
Spoiler: click to open...
Don't look in humorous review section :(

Bit late for that  ;D, I've looked at the humorous reviews for ages now.
8 years ago

Come on now, let's not start this, this is exactly how Steviewonder87 made me angry (and you already did before). Now come on and explain your argument.
8 years ago
It's because I tried to reply from my phone initially but it was posting half messages so I had to keep deleting them and eventually resort to just posting the message from my laptop instead.

Stupid new phone and it's bloody keyboard/home button locations *grumble, grumble...*

Fair enough.
8 years ago
Why do I keep getting multiple email notifications from you DeathBringerZen when you've posted just one post in this?
8 years ago
just incase you didn't catch it: he's joking ;)

Yeah I can't take a joke so thanks.
8 years ago

His stuff looks like trash anyway, glad he's out of the picture.

Why? What have you created? I'm asking because I've never seen your maps (IF you have created any).
8 years ago
The Panzershark was my favourite weapon ever  ;D. :lol:
8 years ago
I'm gonna be honest, I miss him even though he pissed me off a lot (including on Reddit). Frigid was going to be awesome!
8 years ago
Nightclub is a WIP, not posted on this site though. It has gobblegums. Gameplay can be seen on TheRelaxingEnd's YouTube channel with "Rayzorback" in the title.
8 years ago
A better Revelations maybe.....  ::) I don't know why I never mentioned it here.
8 years ago
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