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Messages - sryanbruen

Though Widow's Wine won't be in it  :(, I'm not hugely disappointed as this map looks sick already. I really want to play it! The hype is real.
8 years ago
A glitch that needs to be fixed. When I was walking to get Point Crusher in between the way to the barrier there, I got stuck, it would not let me move at all anywhere and I had to end the game all because of this glitch.
8 years ago
I can't download it. It says that the Mediafire page is broken  :(.
8 years ago
Though I wanted it in BO3 but I didn't go like overhyped about it ('cause I wanted PhD Flopper - the old classic), it will never come to zombies EVER - except custom zombies of course (check out the new map Fortress by F3AR Reaper). I want it but it will never come.
8 years ago
I don't dislike YouAlwaysWin at all and in fact they're on me top 5 youtuber list. BUT the way that they don't give any download links or even downloads makes them drop to #5 on that list. If they didn't, they would be #2 on my list. Like there's many of their maps that I like even though some people say they're crappy. Examples of YAW maps (specifically made for YAW and do not have a download link) I like:

- Stronghold Zombies (a map based on the BO3 multiplayer map - it is epic!)
- Lego City (not much features but I like the looks of it and the fact that the MG42 is a wallbuy)
- Wild West Zombies (love the idea of it, the theme of it, the setting of it and it has multiple perks compared to the original 4 only we see in a lot of YAW maps)
- Gobblegum Machine (not much features at all BUT I like it)

Check out the maps and come back to me with your opinion on these ones specifically.

Now if only they gave the download links to them!
8 years ago
I love this map very much! But I am laughing out loud at TheSmithPlays and Mr.TLexify's gameplay of it. First, TheSmithPlays only gets to have one gun and then suddenly as the game goes, he gets to have 8 guns at once?  ;D. Is this a glitch? Or was it part of the troll that is the FRIDGE.
8 years ago
I will review it tomorrow (if I remember).
8 years ago
He's banned. :)

Oh great, I was excited for nothing.
8 years ago
I play Stairway to Hell so much 'cause I love it and I am really looking forward to this return to it.
8 years ago
What is this map!!!? I just saw TheRelaxingEnd doing a beta with you IZaRTax (I just subscribed to you by the way when I saw your trailer for this) and I really cannot wait for this map. It looks like I have to redo my top 10 custom zombies maps video on my YouTube channel and include this on it. I love this map so much after seeing the gameplay. All I can say is well done and this is one of if not the best custom zombies map I have ever seen.
8 years ago
Though I was never a huge fan of Origins (not a bad map by any means), I am really curious about this map and how it will turn out. Good work so far bro after seeing the photos.
8 years ago
Can't wait for this! Lookin' good bro.
8 years ago
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