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Messages - sryanbruen

Thanks man! That means a lot. I'm glad you like my work.

So after lots of testing I received some good feedback. Most all was positive but I did notice people wanting more, which is fine. So I've been working overtime on creating some crazy new side quests and fun Easter egg stuff. That being said I just can't see a "before Christmas release" happening. I know that's what I said but now I'm looking at a release before New Years Eve. I hope I can meet this deadline. Again I'm sorry but I hope you can all understand the craziness of Christmas time.

And since I didn't meet my initial deadline I'll leave a little sneak peak into whats going to be in my Alcatraz map for fun:
Spoiler: click to open...
David Hasselhoff

Oh I understand very well though you're killing me at this stage with the hype  ;D.
7 years ago
Hype is real!
7 years ago
Oh yes! I love Vindicta Diaboli and am very happy that you're remastering it here in Black Ops 3. It was a very underrated map if you ask me that should have got more attention than it did.
7 years ago
To be fair, he did say SOME in his sentence but yeah, I don't see the point of this post unless you made the maps into an actual pack and have updated which is what you haven't done.
8 years ago
Is the new areas locked behind a secret easter egg like SirJammy's Nuketown Remastered where you had to grenade the generator things to unlock the Bunker?
8 years ago
If you have a playlist link it :p. I'm just interested to see what other people listen to when they play zombies.

Beauty of Annihilation  ;D
8 years ago
Sweet dude and Zombies in Spaceland in there in all?  ;D
8 years ago
Call of the Dead, Buried and Shangri-La.
8 years ago
update is now live! includes nightclub, with 27 perk! plus a beta "demo" of folter asyl, a mod for vurruckt (UNFINISHED AND BUGGY!)
in adition to this, fortress has had a few updates, i'll update the change log very soon!
for now, enjoy the 2 new maps!

Yay!  ;D
8 years ago
Quick update on the map. Blockin is still in progress since the movement of BO3 really changes how the original map is played, so I've had to change the scale of some areas and will be adding more railings on rooftops to control how much g-sliding is allowed.

Playtest with bots:

(Content removed from quote.)

These areas are still WIPs, especially the outside, but the map is playable overall.

(Image removed from quote.)

Looks sexy  ;)
8 years ago
You have definitely outdone yourself Megadeth9811 with this remaster, I love it very much. I love how much better it looks in Black Ops 3. Very fun, highly replayable and I would definitely recommend this to anybody to play.
8 years ago
Just wondering if anyone was planning to remake official map Five? One of my all time favorite official zombie maps and would love to play it in Black Ops 3. Sorry if this happens to be in the wrong section but didn't know where else to put it.

Well though I personally despise Five, I would love a remake of it, especially by making improvements to it. These would be to buff the Winter's Howl, make traps available in other locations, no Nova Crawlers and an easter egg (Nova Six mod easter egg was awesome.... apart from those annoying Hellhound round things).
8 years ago
What about this a map based of gorod krovi  but an other layout and easter egg and black ops 2 and 3 weapons  included ray gun mark 3 (GKZ-45 Mk3)

Yeah I would like a different Stalingrad layout.
8 years ago
Somebody was for World At War (did you see the WIP forum of that?). I also saw somebody making a map combining Nacht der Untoten and Shi No Numa on the Steam workshop.
8 years ago
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