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Messages - sryanbruen

These are not in any particular order but these are the top 30 maps I'd like to be remastered in BO3 custom zombies. When I mean remastered, I mean completely remade with the same layout but more detail (as will be the case with BO3 anyway), additional easter eggs, new weapons and so on. So here ya go:

1. Clinic of Evil
2. Collingwood Psychiatric Hospital
3. Das Herrenhaus
4. Der Keres
5. Ragnarok
6. Dead Ship
7. Airport
8. TMG Alcatraz
9. Town of the Dead
10. Hogwarts
11. ORBiT
12. Leviathan / Mars (a WIP by Krazzyboy)
13. Buried Remake (except with huge improvements)
14. Saloon
15. Industrial Estate
16. Zombie Train
17. Zombie Sumpf
18. YotesLair
19. Project Viking
20. Hotel / Hotel v2
21. Dixmor Asylum
22. Stairway to Hell / Return to Stairway to Hell
23. Comosea
24. Baseball Field II
25. Desert
26. Minecraft Village
27. Library
28. Insel der Toten
29. Cheese Cube Unlimited (Despite it being my most hated map ever  ;))
30. Dollhouse 2

A year later, three of these are remastered. Wow my opinions have changed within just one year here.
7 years ago
Two things that happened to my friend - not me, I was having a perfect game lol and we had to end it just because he got these two glitches.

1. The Panzer pulled him into the hanging bodies in the Shower room where he would become stuck in the bodies and also invincible. When he would try to throw a grenade to down himself, it would bounce off him and not let him fully cook it. Don't forget he's also invincible whilst stuck in the bodies.

2. He was walking up the staircase - far away from the edges but the map made him fall to the Elevator/Gondola at the bottom where it would go. He would become invincible from zombies there also but at least he could kill himself with his grenades unlike the above situation.
7 years ago
This is one of the three custom maps I've had the unhandled exception caught error on (the other two being Der Berg and Nightclub). I've tried multiple things like trying to enable stereo mixing (which I cannot do as it's not an option) and using verify integrity for WaW. What could be the problem?
7 years ago
Only turn offs I see so far is my FPS, and the default M1911. I can deal with the M1911, and my FPS issue won't be a problem in a couple weeks. I'll try it then.

Only things I have a problem with this map (as no map is 100% perfect even if this is amazing) are the following:

- The lack of detail in places. Ok this is not a huge problem as I can understand if WaW's limits didn't allow for anymore detail.
- The staircase from the mystery box above the long staircase has a very low ceiling. As in, the ceiling is too low and the player  struggles to walk up the staircase at times. It's hard to explain.
- Pack a Punch says power must be turned on even though I could Pack a Punch. This is a bug that can easily be fixed.

Other than that, I can't find anything wrong with the map.
7 years ago
There is nothing to understand, they are kids who know nothing...

+1 for respects to you.
7 years ago
I know right? like why don't they like it? One of them said that the spawn room looked 'out of place.' the rest didn't give a reason why...

It wasn't even that, she wanted the map to spawn you in the original Mob of the Dead spawn room. She does not seem to understand that this is a remake though.
7 years ago
This remake is absolutely amazing, very undescribable how amazing it is actually  8). I think I found a contender for my favourite custom map with Clinic of Evil. Don't mind comments like these Whippy on TheRelaxingEnd's vid (which triggered me tbh):

7 years ago
They should add the hound head from mob and the Hell's retriever and maybe the redeemer

I disagree. Clinic of Evil is fine as it is.
7 years ago
What is everybody's favorite custom maps and features?

WaW: Clinic of Evil
BO3: Retribution
7 years ago
I wonder where the ambient music came from when you hear during the map.

So do I, I would really love to know.
7 years ago
will you add new areas to the map cause the motd remaster for bo3 is coming soon so you might want to take that into consideration

Read the original post for new areas and you will find your answer.  ::)
7 years ago
So for my museum Zombies map, I would like to know if there are any very notible/stand out models, scenes, or weapons you would like to see in my map!

ACR, SCAR-H, UMP45, FAMAS, AA-12, just because it's the MW2 museum  ;D.
7 years ago
Hey guys! Quick update. I have done so much work on the map and have been testing it lately. Solo works perfect. Coop had some issues but I got all of them but one fixed. To be honest I'm feeling really burnt out on the map. I want it to be amazing but at the same time I'm ready to be finished. I've been working on this map on and off for years. That's right I said "YEARS" lol. So no matter what this map will be released before Christmas:nyan:

Also I'm going to add some new polls above so check them out and give me some feedback.



7 years ago
why does no one read the OP anymore?

I know, tell me about it  >:(, always happens to me. Since I didn't give an opinion on Nightclub here, I might as well. Nightclub is freaking awesome and is honestly one of my favourite custom maps, maybe even in my top 10. I also love your Verruckt mod a lot, just wished some youtubers played it.
7 years ago
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