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Topics - sryanbruen

So I have made a poster for my first custom zombies map pack which I hope to release in future.... that's if I find a mapper who's willing to co-operate with me or somehow I develop skills to map. Yes, you don't need to comment on the bad pictures OR the untidy labels, I know it's not a good poster. I just wanted to make a poster of some sorts to show my maps and what the pack should look like.

I am nearly fully completed planning my first map, "Pyramiden des Untergangs" (Pyramids of Doom), including easter egg quests. I still have to work on every other map.

And "Remembrance" will be a custom map version of Revelations btw EXCEPT MUCH BETTER. The maps in Remembrance will be Das Herrenhaus, Clinic of Evil, Ragnarok, Project Viking and Collingwood Psychiatric Hospital (if the mappers allow me to have them... so don't think they're confirmed).

8 years ago
These are not in any particular order but these are the top 30 maps I'd like to be remastered in BO3 custom zombies. When I mean remastered, I mean completely remade with the same layout but more detail (as will be the case with BO3 anyway), additional easter eggs, new weapons and so on. So here ya go:

1. Clinic of Evil
2. Collingwood Psychiatric Hospital
3. Das Herrenhaus
4. Der Keres
5. Ragnarok
6. Dead Ship
7. Airport
8. TMG Alcatraz
9. Town of the Dead
10. Hogwarts
11. ORBiT
12. Leviathan / Mars (a WIP by Krazzyboy)
13. Buried Remake (except with huge improvements)
14. Saloon
15. Industrial Estate
16. Zombie Train
17. Zombie Sumpf
18. YotesLair
19. Project Viking
20. Hotel / Hotel v2
21. Dixmor Asylum
22. Stairway to Hell / Return to Stairway to Hell
23. Comosea
24. Baseball Field II
25. Desert
26. Minecraft Village
27. Library
28. Insel der Toten
29. Cheese Cube Unlimited (Despite it being my most hated map ever  ;))
30. Dollhouse 2
8 years ago
Has anyone actually ever completed the Rainbow Perk Challenge on the map with 23 perks, Saloon? I have never been able and I struggle to remember the perk order.  :troll:
8 years ago
So these are all the maps I have seen that are currently being worked on with the alpha BO3 mod tools and I want to know of maps that I haven't seen, thanks.

IZaRTaX's Cathedral (or whatever it is)
Madgaz Gaming's Factory
JBird632's map (don't know what it is honestly - but it looks good)
Zeroy's box map (it has a Giant atmosphere)
Zeroy's Zhouse
Steviewonder's Frigid

I really don't want to miss out on seeing any alpha mod tool maps, thanks. You guys that I have mentioned have done an absolutely amazing and awesome job so far.
8 years ago
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