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For anyone having trouble with the current version of the script placer: I've been working on Script Placer Z 2.0 and it's nearly done so hopefully that'll resolve a lot of problems. When I release it I'll make a new topic and request for this one to be locked. No further support for 1.x will be given from here on out.
1548 days ago
Just remember not to use the Geforce experience to download drivers first time around. Always use Windows Update in Windows 10.
Yeah, because downloading driver updates from a source known to have broken drivers all the time over the driver manufacturer's own update software seems like a great idea! There's a reason third party driver update programs exist, Microsoft just push whatever new fancy driver they get given and that breaks shit all the time. I remember when there was an update for my MOBO's USB drivers, guess what, had to do a rollback cause none of my USB slots worked. Heck, Windows 10 LAUNCH drivers for Nvidia cards were broken, those are supposed to be stable! Nvidia pushed an update not much after it was reported that the driver was broken. I'm unaware if MS have pushed an update by now but they sure are late. Instead Microsoft focused on this pointless update: (The funny thing is, the article is from the 28th, meaning Microsoft knew they were launching Windows 10 with broken Nvidia drivers, nice one.)

My recommendation: Change these settings to the ones shown in the screenshot:

Then download a TRUSTED third party driver update program (and keep using whatever update program your device manufacturer has for their hardware). I recommend, it's easy to work with if you're not tech-savy, it's fast and you can pick whatever updates you want (get the hint Microsoft?).

if you follow this i reccomend you this program: i use it many times with a lot of pc and it work perfect :)
You can uninstall drivers from Windows' built in Device Manager.
1565 days ago
I actually use the top right box alot. Where else can you acess new posts and new replies?

I'm on 1600 x 900 resolution. Not a huge deal for me cause I have good eyes but reading text may be difficult for others at that scale.
Fixed, will update when I'm done fixing up and changing some other things. ;)

Edit: Update's available.
1612 days ago
lol you make it sound like the HTML standards have changed so much in the last 5 years that you're dealing with hieroglyphics. It's just standard HTML/css, nothing strange about it. Sure the site could be wider but that's about all I see in the thumbnails that's different other than the missing user box in the upper right (why?) - and some extra padding. Would be useful to see a list of changes.

Also keep in mind the entire site will be redesigned from the ground up with Drupal in the coming year - we realize SMF is very outdated.
Eh, there's a few things I've noticed you wouldn't do with HTML5 standards, there's also a lot of unneeded wrappers and containers.

Got rid of the top right box mainly because I saw no point in having it there, it makes for clutter in the header and doesn't provide any extra info that can't be easily found elsewhere and I'm planning to move the social media buttons over to the right.

Will edit the page with a list of changes when I get home and fix up some thing.

PS: Good to hear you're getting rid of SMF. :)

Just an FYI, having zoom at 100% causes it too mess up a bit.

Had to change to 90% to get it to look right which is a bit annoying :P
What resolution are you using? Looks fine for me on 1920x1080, haven't tested on any others though.
1613 days ago
Basically, got bored, decided to finally do something about some of the stuff that was bugging me about UGX's theme...

Here's what it looks like:
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Will probably keep working on this and fix issues found. I've most likely missed quite a few things and there's some things that will probably still look off.

1613 days ago
Automatically? So if an program comes up and says that your computer is infected and to buy & install a piece of software then it isn't adware? What is it then, a potato?
That falls perfectly within the definition I gave you, it automatically renders fake popup alerts to make you install something for the authors gain. Learn to read please. ;) Also, what does this have to do with Windows 10?

Just because the people who are testing the preview have installed it successfully doesn't necessarily mean that everything will go smoothly at launch for everyone. And even if the initial install goes well, there could be many smaller glitches - like there are now in the current build when its almost RTM.
Alright, two things:
1) As I said, if the install fails your PC will just revert to the old, working Windows.
2) Updates my friend, they're very important for security and bug fixing purposes. Having outdated software is, and has always been very risky, hence why updaters exist. Same goes for Windows, you need frequent updates. There's no way your current OS (whatever version you are running) is 100% bug-free or has no security issues that are eventually bound to be found and abused.

lol, they aren't going to run out. You can install it at any time after its released.
It's Microsoft, you never know what they're going to do next and they're perfectly in the right to stop providing free upgrades whenever they want.

Daedra, quick tip here, think before posting. ;)

A smart one would keep those in an external drive or at least on secondary partition not on a windows installed partition that's a rookie move.
Not everyone has money for an external hard drive. And having a secondary partition for your data is great and all, but don't forgot there's people with multiple OS'es running on the same hard drive. You hit that partition limit on MBR in no time and not everyone loves to fuck around with converting to GPT. As for regular users without multiple OS'es, most don't even know what a partition is, so it's quite ignorant to assume people just have a second partition for their data.
1617 days ago
1619 days ago
Why update while fresh install is far better.
Because some people have a lot of files and programs they would like to keep?
1626 days ago
This update is Adware that will advertise the upcoming Windows 10 launch and will give you an option to "reserve" your download.
Might want to look up what adware is then...

"Adware is any software package that automatically renders advertisements in order to generate revenue for its author." (Source: Any remotely trusted online dictionary or wiki and being an IT student needing to know al lot of technical terms.)

1) Microsoft does not earn revenue from this, they're giving away the OS for free to current customers who own Windows 7 or Windows 8.1.
2) They don't force you to click the icon in the system tray or even have the thing pop up at all, all they give you is a little notification that you can get Windows 10 for FREE.

I wouldn't click the "reserve your upgrade" button. If you plan on upgrading to Windows 10 you should wait for about half a year or so and wait for the bugs to be ironed out.
Reserving a copy will only have Windows 10 be DOWNLOADED and have you prompted whether or not you want to install it once it's available, they're in no way forcing you to install it.
As for the "you should wait until bugs are ironed out", that's what a technical preview is for...

Driver support is already pretty good unless you have an AMD graphics card TBH. What i'm really worried about is the actual install process. If something goes wrong during the install your screwed unless you have a backup image somewhere.
If the upgrade fails you'll automatically be reverted to your old Windows. Don't know if you ever performed a Windows upgrade, guessing you haven't otherwise you would've known this.

To everyone:
Basically, ignore anything daedra said, click the damn "reserve your upgrade" button so you atleast are sure you have a copy when you actually want to install it.
1626 days ago
Jokes aside, welcome nub. :>

I request that Slaya is banned for talking back to his master  :troll:
Might want to call me JR on here, no one here knows who you're referring to when you say "Slaya". :P
1628 days ago
1628 days ago
I said if the map was supposed to be funny, i didn't think it was. There is a difference between the two.

And you don't need to decompile a map to read script located in the IWD list. Archiving softwares such as winrar can open any IWD.
He knows that... Read what he said and should be obvious he's trolling you...

Keep talking crap that ain't true. Ain't hurting me none.
It's true though, you always do it.

Can we now stop arguing like little children for once? Thanks.
1631 days ago
well more or less every post i see from you seems sarcastic dude, just don't appreciate your attitude sometimes is all..
You know... If you had actually read the first post you would've realised...

Whatever, back on topic.
1631 days ago
why you always so negative kid?
What do you mean negative? Might wanna read what I said again... I was in no way being negative. (Why would I be negative towards something me and a friend made for lolz?)

Also, was calling me a kid really needed? Just makes you look like the kid, tbh.
1631 days ago


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