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and I was wondering can UGX have the power to copyright UGXmodded maps?
Simply put: No. Activision owns all the rights to anything you make for their games (as described in the EULA for the modtools), therefore you can't copyright your creations.
1161 days ago
It depends if you ever want to use any other language than GSC, honestly. GSC is a TERRIBLE base to learn different languages due to its lax nature. If you just want to be able to script for CoD, I'd read a basic scripting guide and learn from scripts included with the modtools (probably best of with CoD4 ones, Treyarch's scripting for WaW is definitely sub-par to IW's). I wrote some tutorials on scripting basics myself: Make sure you try things out and modify bits and pieces to see what everything does, it's the way I learn most languages once I know their basic syntax and conventions and it's a rather effective way of learning a language.

If however, you do wish to learn different languages in the future, I'd recommend to start with something other than GSC. My advice would be to learn C#, it's syntactically similar to GSC (both are C-based) and isn't too hard to pick up on. DO NOT learn any language by watching YouTube videos, all you would do is copy, you'd learn nothing. If you're looking for more of a challenge, I'd go with C++ (avoid C itself, it's awfully outdated and isn't object oriented, which is a must for modern day programmers).
1276 days ago
The long and short is, a choice was offered. UGX picked one. Its not up to anyone else to judge them for choosing that decision

or it wouldnt be a "choice" in the first place
That's the whole point, their choice was to drop anything Mikey made which they clearly are not as they are still developing the theme further.
1276 days ago
You think respect just magically comes back after passing time? Of course it's still relevant.
Now all of sudden we're talking about respect? What happened to maturity? Just because you don't respect someone doesn't mean they can't be mature.

Bye again, see you again maybe in a year or so.
Since when does "I'm done here" imply I'm leaving the community? It simply means I'm done responding if no relevant points get addressed.
1276 days ago
As Delta said we have not yet had time to remove anything which is an "alteration of his design", we are working on it as fast as we can. The fact that people were able to apply the theme via a url exploit was beyond my control and never intended - this is a problem with SMF not us. For now we have disabled the theme entirely to prevent further exploitation. As I already stated previously in the topic anything that belongs to him will be removed. The rest of the theme was either a joint effort or entirely of my effort and will not be removed because it belongs to the team.
You seem pretty mature now (/sarcasm), did you forget the little fit you threw before on this site before exiling yourself and then coming back? I'm supposed to take you seriously now? You have zero involvement in either side's affairs for this issue, I am under no obligation to consider your views as anything more than what they are: your views. They are not automatically facts.
I had a multi-paragraph reply ready to be posted but then I decided to take your route and ignore the essence of the post, completely shoving aside all legitimate points made.

I mean, really? You actually think a 1 and a half year old thread is an accurate representation of my current level of maturity? And to use that as an excuse to ignore a perfectly valid statement? Thought someone your age would know better...

Honestly, if you can't be bothered to behave like a mature adult and address these concerns then I really can't be bothered to write a proper response either so unless you're going to man up and acknowledge you too were in the wrong I'm done here.
1276 days ago
Ah yes because you know 100% of the story from both sides right?  :facepalm:
So let me get this straight:
You specifically state you wouldn't use his designs anymore yet continue to edit (and therefore continue to use) them in contradiction to yourself. You then claim it looks nothing like the designs Mikey created yet clearly it's nearly the exact same. You might want to learn about copyright laws. Alteration without the author's permission is prohibited with most licenses (and when under no license usage is strictly forbidden, let alone alteration). You basically just admitted to breaking copyright laws. Now please explain to me how I can't say you too are in the wrong here instead of childishly stating my opinion is invalid because I don't know the full details on something. It's your topic created by a staff member, if you don't want people to share their opinion, lock it. If you don't want people to share their opinion without knowing the full details, then provide the full details. We were given freedom of speech to express our opinions, therefore you can always expect people to voice their thoughts.

Instead of having a bitch fit about how "an 18 year old" is acting "immature" (once again, he too was in the wrong by making threats), how about you look at yourself for a second and question your own behaviour towards the parties involved and any other community members. I'm utterly sick and tired of your behaviour towards those who may not agree with your opinions and views (a great example of your immaturity shining in this aspect is the Oil Rig thread, throwing insults at your own members voicing an opinion). You created a successful community, now please don't screw it up by turning into an ignorant and egocentric prick.

TL;DR Either provide full details or stop whining about people voicing their opinions on something one of your staff members posted.
1276 days ago
Posting this on behalf of Mikey:
So Trem says this “You did not leave us with a simple agreement, you left us with a fake ultimatum. Either we sign an agreement with you to keep the designs or we discard your designs. We chose to disgard your designs and start over”
And then UGX Does this
So if UGX are saying they are discarding my designs then why are they continuing to use them for the site?
More lies from UGX. I will talk more about it when I am unbanned tonight. Also Harry is out right lying about the code thing. I have never helped him to my knowledge the last thing I would do is try to mess up a project or to bind keys to vid_restart? Like WTF.
here is my concept for the new theme. Just a little more proof that they are going against their word with everything.
Here it using my javascript code.
Here it is saying its loading my css ( the sites style )
So yeah. That is just amazing. Trem please try to lie with out leaving things like that in there.
I put hours worth of work into that and Trem is out right using it although refusing my offer to keep the site.
See you will all learn this soon enough. UGX Lies. They are not being transparent they are being careful with what they say and what they show you.

Personal note:
Mikey simply needed someone to post this in his name therefore I did. I have no quarrel with UGX nor Mikey, but I don't like misinformation. Personally I feel both parties are in the wrong here.

(FYI: Second screenshot is from my machine and the reason it looks weird is because I forgot to turn off my Stylish theme I run on UGX.)
1276 days ago
I got bored so decided to write some random functions and ended up writing something that might be somewhat useful to someone... It converts a string to a floating point number (or integer if it's not a decimal number). Have fun:
toFloat( in ) {
// Don't accept arrays or undefined, return 0
if( isArray( in ) || !isDefined( in ) )
return 0;

// Return original argument, it's not a string so doesn't need any special type conversion algorithm
if( !isString( in ) )
return in;

// Split string into 2 seperate strings
if( isSubStr( in, "," ) ) // Would be great if people wouldn't use fucking commas for decimals where I live
num = strTok( in, "," );
num = strTok( in, "." );

// Don't need to execute extra logic if the number isn't a decimal and therefore wasn't split into a multi-element array
if( num.size <= 1 )
return int( num[0] );

pwr = 10;
// Multiply by 10 for each extra character
// Initialize i as 1, we don't need to multiply on the first index
for( i = 1; i < num[1].size; i++ )
pwr *= 10;

return int( num[0] ) + int( num[1] ) / pwr;

Example usage:
number = toFloat( "666.66" ); // type = float, value = 666.66
1380 days ago
That depends on what information is stored and what is not. A keylog for example is not what I count towards the "typically saved data".
There's no keylogging... That'd be illegal even if they told you they were doing it. Microsoft aren't stupid, they know what they can and can't do.
1392 days ago
Less worrying ones = sending data to Microsoft's servers when your not even using their services/Apps without you knowing. If you don't see an issue with that then you don't care enough about your privacy.
Without you knowing? Erhm, it's all in the Terms of Service which YOU agreed to upon upgrading/installing the OS.

Other governments can still get your information if they really wanted it.
Which is completely illegal. If any government were to request information they'd need to comply with the country of residence's privacy laws.

WTF are you talking about? I was referring to .
Quickly read over the article, Microsoft is completely in the right here. It's not about the holder of the information, it's the person the information is from which privacy laws apply to meaning if Microsoft were to give the US government a European citizen's information without their consent they'd be breaking the law.

You mean THAT way round, then at least microsoft wouldn't be the ones to blame.
Still it would be their fault that they stored all that info of course.
Basically you're saying: "I gave you this information as part of an account/payment/whatever but you can't store it for usage later down the line." That's not how the internet works.
1393 days ago
I went back because of the way Microsoft/Windows decided to make it so everytime you booted up your computer, you'd have to type in a password for your email.., plus the longer waiting time for it to start and such.

Might just be me, but I hate how Windows 8 and 10 are.
Then use a local account without a password? You're not forced to use a Microsoft account you know. ::)

And longer waiting time for it to start? Erhm, Windows 8 and especially Windows 10 have had huge improvements in boot times... I used to boot into a functional state on Windows 7 in about 2-3 minutes, Windows 8.1 took that down to about a minute and Windows 10 now boots in 10-20 seconds. None of this was on a clean install.

don't get windows 10 if you have anything remotely private, its just spyware bullshit *tinfoil_hat on*
  • There's no spyware, just minor data collection to improve the OS.
  • The same data collection along with other things such as killing SecuROM are also being pushed to Windows 7 and 8 so anyone complaining about it on Windows 10 is not gonna do any updates on 7 or 8 I presume?

You people do realise data collection etc also helps improve security? Bugs and security flaws are found faster and a fix will be pushed before anyone can abuse the shit out of it.
1393 days ago
Keeping it simple and classy eh?
Uhu. ::)

Well... Honestly... I either sleep or in some cases make a mockery out of the teacher cause they've got absolutely no clue what they're talking about. :poker:
1404 days ago


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