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Did you use a script placer?
Looks like Script Placer Z 1.x, hella outdated and quite broken most likely.

I'd recommend OP to regenerate with the updated version:

Edit: If I'm being completely honest, you're probably better off using a more barebones script placer. The perks included with this build are hella outdated (3.x whilst Harry's currently on 5.x) so it's better if you were to just install them using the instructions in his thread.
1344 days ago
map/_gameskill.gsc lines 2899, 2906 and 2911 inside of aa_player_attacks_enemy_with_ads( player, amount, type, point ). You could've just done a mass file search: :P
1370 days ago
An upgrade to Windows 10 is going to have problems. To get a full 10 installation, you need to run a clean install.
I've been using Windows 10 since day 1 and I never did a clean install, just the regular upgrade from Windows 8.1 which I had been running for quite a few months already. Never had any issues that weren't caused by something I did (aside from the initial driver problems which I experienced with any version of Windows, not just Windows 10, a quick update of my drivers fixed any issues I was having though).
1373 days ago
The amount of morons voting leave not having a single clue what the EU even represents is ridiculous. Google reported huge increases in searches for what the EU is and what would happen if the UK left the EU AFTER the god damn votes closed. And now a metric tonne of people wish they hadn't voted leave. I really question humanity's superiority a lot...

Only thing that surprised me is me being more left-wing than right-wing apparently.
1383 days ago
if i may ask, how did you make the skybox? It looks really nice
I just got one from this handy website: They have some really cool skyboxes. You have to convert them to CoD yourself though.
1390 days ago

What is Surf Mod?
If you've ever played surf on any of the source engine powered games you'll most likely be familiar with what I've tried to recreate here. If not, here's a short trailer displaying some gameplay of the mod:

The basic gameplay features of the mod include:
  • Surfing
  • Air strafing
  • Bunny hopping
  • Timer
  • Online leaderboards and stats pages
  • Speed meter
  • Ability to see what buttons people are pressing when spectating them
  • Mapvote
  • Ranks (you level up by simply playing or by finishing a map, extra XP is gained if you set a world record)

Other than that, the mod features a bunch of custom content to customise your experience:
  • Weapons
  • Characters
  • Viewhands
  • Knives
  • Trails

How do I play?
For the best experience (depending on your ping) I'd advise playing on the official surf server:
Options to play locally are also available in the form of a stripped down version of the mod: (Do NOT forget to read the readme file included!)
1391 days ago
just asking. do procedural or object programing has anything to do with the ability to write the main function wherever you like in gsc vs lets say in c++ having to at least write the prototype of a function above the main function so you dont get compile errors? :noob_asked_be_cool: xD
It doesn't. A good example of this is both C and C++ requiring a prototype to be declared before the main function whilst C is procedural and C++ is object-oriented. ;)

Just FYI: Prototypes should be declared in header files while writing C/C++.
1393 days ago
The keyword "self" is actually an integer holding an entity number:
typedef int scr_entref_t;

Behind the scenes that integer is passed onto a function through a simple argument:
void PlayerCmd_spawn( scr_entref_t arg );

The way these functions then get the correct entity is by simply pulling it from the entity list:
gentity_t* gentity;

if( HIWORD( arg ) ) {
Scr_ObjectError( "Not an entity" );
} else {
gentity = &g_entities[ LOWORD( arg ) ];

I've kinda already spoiled too much with this but whatever... :P
1394 days ago
The past few months I've gotten rather familiar with the internal workings of GSC as I've been expanding CoD4's server binaries with new functionality such as input detection and HTTP POST requests etc. Now I've gotten the idea for this little discussion from someone who actually mentioned this in a shoutbox on another forum at some point and I thought it would be really interesting to see how much people actually know about the scripting language they're using on a daily basis.

So the basic question is: Is CoDScript/GSC/... (whatever you want to call it) object-oriented or procedural?

In the shoutbox discussion I saw a few very interesting answers and wanted to hear what the scripting community on UGX-Mods thinks about this subject. For the record, I'm purely doing this to spark a discussion as I'm legitimately interested to hear about people's views and I myself already know the answer to this question (if the community can't work it out I'll actually post the answer later).

For those not familiar with these terms:
Object-oriented programming (OOP):
Procedural programming:

PS: Pwn please don't spoil it, pretty sure you know the answer as you're quite familiar with the internal workings of CoD yourself. :P
1394 days ago
Note: Searching for map files will use an entire CPU core(25% of a quad core) or more and will take some time to complete(about 15-30 seconds) as it scans the entire root directory. The ability to do a faster, targeted search via typical map directories(WILL NOT DISPLAY ALL MAP FILES THIS WAY) may be available in a later update.
15-30 seconds running an entire core @100%? Not trying to bash you or anything but you might want to take some programming courses...

Edit: Just realised you said you're scanning the entire root directory. May I ask why you would release something as inefficient as this? And why do you not just scan map_source, maps etc.? Or even better, read the contents of relevant csv files?

My previous statement still applies, you should probably take some courses to help you further. You should never do I/O at that scale without threading.
1400 days ago
theres not really any diffrence... u just wanted to b cool and confussing to people who are new to scripting so u used a diffrent method of gethering player data. ohhh... shit i forgot the s :D thx 4 remembering, i wrote that right b4 i left to go to a mass 4 my school cuz... they wont allow me to graduate if i dont :'(
I wanted to be cool? If by "be cool" you mean not call a utility function which literally just returns the result of getPlayers() and waste execution time, then yes, I wanted to be cool. ;) (Pro tip: Before using a utility function, check what it does to make sure it's not completely useless. :P)

I do a lot of CoD4 stuff so I forgot getPlayers() was even a thing, figured get_players() would just call getEntArray(), guess not. getEntArray() will obviously be less efficient, therefore edited my previous post.

Anyways, main point was that you were setting the variables on the array instead of the element.
1413 days ago
players = get_players();
{ = #;
players.maxhealth = #;
You mean this?
players = getPlayers(); // Fuck your utility functions :)
for( i = 0; i < players.size; i++ ) {
// Players is an array, why are you setting a variable on an array?
// Changed it to the i-th element of the array
players[i].maxhealth = 100; // Change this line
players[i].health = players[i].maxhealth;
1413 days ago
Make sure the file common.csv in zone_source isn't set to read-only.
1419 days ago


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