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Will you ever finish this also. You may wanna move it to, WIP zombies maps.
No he quit modding. Maybe he is helping here and there but this is what you can get.

That's what y...
17 hours ago
The person "Level" in this case is a static person. You can call him in every script and use his properties to do things.
2 days ago
Thanks! I really appreciate you helping me out! Just curious, what does"self" exactly do in terms of scripting? I've seen it used before, but I don't fully understand how it works.
The person exec...
3 days ago
Hey guys! I'm sure this is a simple thing to script, but I am lost as how to do it. How would one script it so that when I press "F" on a trigger, it will temporarily be unavailable to use until the script fo...
4 days ago
Hi, I'm using SniperBolts Tutorial Prefab's mystery boxes and the box does not move from the start location, I have checked the kvp's of each boxes and they are all correct. please help!
This question i...
7 days ago
When I play co-op in my map, quick revive turns on like as it would in solo. I know that it should turn off as any other perk in co-op, so I am wondering if there is a fix for it.
Yes add this at top of your meth...
7 days ago


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