General Modding Flowchart

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by zakgord
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Is there a very basic flowchart or simple explanation of what all of these mods/install do?It's been a while since I've mapped for codwaw, been using hammer for l4d, but I'd like to get back into cod mapping. I don't remember all of these UGX programs when I was originally mapped for cod.

I currently have codwaw fully updated/patched through steam, with launcher installed and working (large patch + UGX patch v1.0.6). I have UGX script placer and installation creater, not sure what to do with them (do I need these??). I also see topics about UGX Mod I need this?

From what I read about these programs they seem like they simplify some things, but I'm not sure the order that I use them.

I want to be able to do 2 things.

1. Create a new map from scratch with the "Der Riese" style addons

2. Continue working on maps I created years ago

I'm having trouble "seeing the forrest for the trees" so to speak. I feel overwhelmed trying to figure out where to start, even with the help of the wiki.

Also is it possible to import Hammer (L4D) maps I've created and make them into COD maps? I've turned mohaa maps into l4d maps, so it must be possible...

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You should just need the mod tools as the bare minimum. However, the UGX tools make just about everything a billion times easier and quicker.

Let's get started:
The UGX Script Placer is pretty much a map and mod setup. I highly recommend using this tool and you're gonna wanna run this for the first time setup of your mod.
The UGX Map Manager lets you download specific maps from UGX. Completely optional.
The UGX Installation Creator packs your mod into a .exe for easy installing. Optional but recommended. You'll want to do this when your mod is complete.
The UGX Alias Editor lets you edit soundalias.csv files. Very helpful if you're doing anything with sounds because editing aliases is a major pain in the ***. Completely optional but heavily recommended.
The UGX Asset Counter counts how many assets are loaded. Useful if you hit limits a lot or if you're worried about limits. Completely optional but recommended.
[App] CoD Project Mover v1.2 is pretty much a project mover... I've only had to use it twice but was very handy when I did. Completely optional
The UGX Weapons Editor++ is AN ABSOLUTE UNIT OF A PROGRAM! An absolute necessity if you do any type of weapon modding. Completely necessary.

That's about it. Happy modding! :)



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