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Woah. I'm seriously late :P. Anyway, welcome to the community. You'll see that as a community, there are many maps posted on the site and many very generous people also wrote tutorials. scripts, and even prefabs for you to tinker with (just make sure you give credit. ;))  Enjoy the community! :+1:
318 days ago
You should just need the mod tools as the bare minimum. However, the UGX tools make just about everything a billion times easier and quicker.

Let's get started:
The UGX Script Placer is pretty much a map and mod setup. I highly recommend using this tool and you're gonna wanna run this for the first time setup of your mod.
The UGX Map Manager lets you download specific maps from UGX. Completely optional.
The UGX Installation Creator packs your mod into a .exe for easy installing. Optional but recommended. You'll want to do this when your mod is complete.
The UGX Alias Editor lets you edit soundalias.csv files. Very helpful if you're doing anything with sounds because editing aliases is a major pain in the ***. Completely optional but heavily recommended.
The UGX Asset Counter counts how many assets are loaded. Useful if you hit limits a lot or if you're worried about limits. Completely optional but recommended.
[App] CoD Project Mover v1.2 is pretty much a project mover... I've only had to use it twice but was very handy when I did. Completely optional
The UGX Weapons Editor++ is AN ABSOLUTE UNIT OF A PROGRAM! An absolute necessity if you do any type of weapon modding. Completely necessary.

That's about it. Happy modding! :)
546 days ago
I misunderstood. I thought he was getting errors loading his own personal map. :D
625 days ago
Has it worked before? A more detailed log of what causes the crash would be helpful too. In order to get a log file type "logfile 1" into the console. I also recommend turning on developer mode by typing "/developer 1" and if you changed developer mode for scripts "/developer_script 1" and launching your map with "/devmap mapname".
640 days ago
I'm not sure but you could always look in "raw/sound". I would assume that it would be in either voiceovers or SFX. That's pretty much all I got. Good luck!  :)
673 days ago

Should be C:\Users\<name>\AppData\Local\Activision\CoDWaW
675 days ago
You cannot edit vanilla maps directly in Radiant. However, in ZM you can change a small number of things through scripting (I don't know if this works on MP maps, but I don't see why it wouldn't).

From my understanding you're new so I recommend learning things from the most basic to the most advanced in the Tutorial threads.
677 days ago
If I'm not mistaken, Wraith Archon should be compatible with Call of Duty: World War 2. Allowing easy ripping of models, animations, sounds, and textures. If you don't have Wraith, I recommend you get it, as it is very helpful when you port weapons often. Wraith

Good Luck!  ;)
691 days ago
Really?! My mind literally just melted.  :D  :lol:
791 days ago
Not sure if you still need help this tutorial by Harry was UBER helpful for me. It tells you about making room for assets.,8558.0.html
791 days ago
You most likely forgot to call xmodels and weapon files in your mod.csv. Don't forget to do this as this tells the launcher what to compile into a fastfile (.ff).
791 days ago
This is AMAZING! Really adds a challenge maps that have him. Great work.  :nyan: :nyan: :nyan:
841 days ago
Thanks for the tutorial! Really love hitmarkers and my map wouldn't feel the same without 'em.  :nyan: :rainbow:
841 days ago
Nice script. Never thought I'd need it but now I'm thinking about all the things I could use this for... :accepted:
841 days ago
Pretty nice script. Can't wait to put it into my map.
841 days ago


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