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by hihellobyeoh
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Yes, i am remaking my first map [You are not allowed to view external links. Register or Login to see them] so i can complete the once promised version 2, i have to start from scratch as i lost all the original files to version 1.12

The Plan:
  • the original 3 floors (i am thinking of removing the third floor and making it a roof area)
  • a new area (not the roof area, something else)
  • A lot more detail than the original
  • ugx mod (v1.0.3 already implemented)

  • Layout: 60%
  • Geo: 10%
  • Detail: 5%

Images: (please ignore the see through textures i have fixed them already, just forgot to Ctrl + G the terrain patches)

First buyable debris (radiant)

First buyable debris (in-game)

In-game overview of whats done so far (the other floors are there but they were excluded from the compile as they are caulk as of yet)

Beginnings of the 3rd floor/roof area
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