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i cannot seem to find a working version of maya 8.5, but while browsing your wiki today i noticed the Maya 2012-2014 Xmodel and Xanim Export Tool with the use of this does it mean that i do not need maya ...
2383 days ago
where do you get this error at? when it launches the map itself? i have seen this in the compiler's console before but never when launching a map.
2592 days ago
Yes, i am remaking my first map TLZ_Deadlight v1.12 so i can complete the once promised version 2, i have to start from scratch as i lost all the original files to version 1.12

The Plan:[/size...
2631 days ago
what i was doing was i was porting a map i had started using sniper bolts scripts, i will restart with sniperbolts map and port in the brushes (which i have yet to really edit at all) and terrain patches. oh i also ported the map from hankey's script placer's prototype tutorial, that is probably why...
2649 days ago
hey i am still getting the fx limit error now, i have no idea what is causing it i followed the videos.... well i guess i can only just follow the video's again.
2654 days ago
Did you recompile all parts of your map? The map.ff, the patch ff, the map's mod.ff, the ugx mod mod.ff, and then used the project mover?

nope i will do that now ( was neglecting the map and patch ....
2659 days ago



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