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Messages - hihellobyeoh

i cannot seem to find a working version of maya 8.5, but while browsing your wiki today i noticed the Maya 2012-2014 Xmodel and Xanim Export Tool with the use of this does it mean that i do not need maya 8.5 anymore? a simple question for the users of this tool.
8 years ago
where do you get this error at? when it launches the map itself? i have seen this in the compiler's console before but never when launching a map.
8 years ago
Yes, i am remaking my first map TLZ_Deadlight v1.12 so i can complete the once promised version 2, i have to start from scratch as i lost all the original files to version 1.12

The Plan:
  • the original 3 floors (i am thinking of removing the third floor and making it a roof area)
  • a new area (not the roof area, something else)
  • A lot more detail than the original
  • ugx mod (v1.0.3 already implemented)

  • Layout: 60%
  • Geo: 10%
  • Detail: 5%

Images: (please ignore the see through textures i have fixed them already, just forgot to Ctrl + G the terrain patches)

First buyable debris (radiant)

First buyable debris (in-game)

In-game overview of whats done so far (the other floors are there but they were excluded from the compile as they are caulk as of yet)

Beginnings of the 3rd floor/roof area
8 years ago
what i was doing was i was porting a map i had started using sniper bolts scripts, i will restart with sniperbolts map and port in the brushes (which i have yet to really edit at all) and terrain patches. oh i also ported the map from hankey's script placer's prototype tutorial, that is probably why i have problems. i dunno i will check when i get home, i am at class atm ( going to ITT tech for electronics technologies).

Post Merge: June 18, 2013, 11:58:21 pm
by porting in the prototype map i mean i ported the room because that was the basis of the original map i am attempting to remake ( Deadlight 1.2 was the original, seeing as i lost all the files i am remaking it from scratch for Deadlight v2, the only reason it took so long to make v2 was i was waiting for a great working 1.4 mod to base it off of, was waiting for the UGX mod XD).

Post Merge: June 19, 2013, 05:43:52 am
apparently that was my problem, good thing i really wanted to look at the tiny bit of detail i had added so far in my map, or else i would of had to port over TONS of brushes and terrain patches instead of only 100 or so, although when compiling i get alot of lmap errors, even though i am SURE i hit lmap on everything XD, oh well i will fix it LOL

Post Merge: June 19, 2013, 05:45:22 am
Thanks for the help trem, basically i ported all of the brushes and ignored all of the script_structs and all of the scripted things (wallbreaks, etc.)
8 years ago
hey i am still getting the fx limit error now, i have no idea what is causing it i followed the videos.... well i guess i can only just follow the video's again.
8 years ago
Did you recompile all parts of your map? The map.ff, the patch ff, the map's mod.ff, the ugx mod mod.ff, and then used the project mover?

nope i will do that now ( was neglecting the map and patch .ff's)

Post Merge: June 09, 2013, 05:46:42 pm
even doing that it still doesn't work
8 years ago
i did that already but i will try it again thx

Post Merge: June 09, 2013, 05:27:31 pm
i'm still getting the fx error
8 years ago
ok thx doing now

Post Merge: June 09, 2013, 04:08:57 pm
would i have to repatch with the UGX mod afterwards again or does sniperbolt not touch any of it's files?

Post Merge: June 09, 2013, 04:39:46 pm
nvrm apparently i do as i got the 1600 sound limit error

Post Merge: June 09, 2013, 04:56:06 pm
someone smack me LOL i renamed the zonesource/english/assetlist to nazi_zombie_dl.csv instead of nazi_zombie_dl_ignore.csv, fixed now.

Post Merge: June 09, 2013, 05:03:16 pm
ok now i am still getting an fx limit error, i will browse your vids to see if i forgot anything
8 years ago
i received an error when launching my map in WaW pic below
says i am missing the dlc3_code.gsc

8 years ago
if they keep ignoring the PC community's requests then they will lose the PC community and therefore will lose most of their inspiration they get for new idea's, because most of the "new features" in black ops were made by modders in cod 4.
9 years ago
Hmm, yesterday it said something in a foreign language and there was no download button. Seems to be working fine now (other than the 20kb/s download speed)...

Let me know if you want to specify the preview image that we used for your maps in the Manager.

yeah that fucking site is fail, i only upload to mediafire and/or gamefront now
9 years ago
not sure if you got this or not because i never saw you try, but if you can reload in between shots they don't have that in BO, just letting you know ( though i'm sure you know this already)
9 years ago
looking nice
10 years ago
downloading it now through the manager
10 years ago
is their any updates on the wiki coming back up?
10 years ago
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