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Hi I just wanted to ask anyone out there if they know how they get wav audio bitrate from 705kbps to 180kbps without losing quality because I know there are modding members of the community out there who have successfully managed to lower the wav file bitrate from that number without any static/noise/popping in the background of the audio for voiceovers. The reason I ask is that I'm trying to limit the amount of memory used up so I can utilize the extra memory space for better things since audio takes up most of the memory if the bitrate is too high. If anyone can help tell me how I can get 180kbps with 44100khz with 8 bit unsigned with a single channel then I will be happy, I know it's possible but I don't know how to do so I use audacity just so you know?
95 days ago
Hi Does anyone Happen to Know why the compile ff options checkboxes are greyed out since I've never had this with other map files before, I know this is a test demonstration map but I just felt like having a look and playing it for myself but why can't i check the boxes for compile bsp, lights, paths, and reflections they are greyed out, I'm using Diduknowipwn Launcher which is the latest. If anyone can tell me what is then it be much appreciated. FYI All the necessary stuff hasn't been modified so all zone source file etc should all be fine.
146 days ago
Hi I have converted a sniper overlay in asset manager, however it is not working I need help because I have done all the necessary I can do as I cannot identify where the issue although its somewhere . I need help because I don't understand why my overlay is not displaying when I aim down my scope. If anyone can help me it would be very much appreciated.

FYI I did convert the material itself and added it into the mods folder, I also added it to the mod.csv with the material name (The Material name is included in the weapon file for the hud).  Here is the weapon file itself within the HUD section of adding a scope.

Video of issue ingame
1149 days ago
Hi i need input / help because 90% of my script works although because im doing the Easter egg trigger via script instead of the map editor by entering the keys and values i cant get the trigger to trigger unlike a standard easteregg song which i can do if i put the keys and values in the entity box.

For the record i probs will get people complaining asking me why i am doing it like that when you can use the map editor entity box for those value and key inputs.

The reason is because if for instance your making a mod for a map that already exists like the bo1 treyarch built maps its the same in general for the perks like what had been done in rollonmath42's natch der untoten 4.0 mod with the perks and pack a punch in the map. However because its slightly different from perks its implementing the easter egg trigger to activate the song. You cant do it with maps like that as there already compiled and no one has the original source map file for the offical treyarch maps.

This is the code the only general part of it that doesn't work is the actual trigger tried trigger use didn't work tried trigger radius use didn't work and damage although i prefer the trigger use.

If anyone can give me input its much appreciated. why its so difficult is because if the getent doesn't refer to a model targetname it doesnt work since it needs origin to base it on.
#include common_scripts\utility;
#include maps\_utility;
#include maps\_zombiemode_utility;


level.wolf_origin = (0, 0, 0);
level.wolf_angles = (0, 0, 0);


wolf = Spawn( "script_model", level.wolf_origin );
wolf.angles = level.wolf_angles;
wolf setModel( "zombie_wolf_bo3" );
wolf.targetname = "zombie_wolf";

wolf_trigger = Spawn("trigger_radius", level.wolf_origin + (0 , 0, 30), 0, 20, 70 );
wolf_trigger.spawnflags = 55;
wolf_trigger = getEnt("zombie_wolf","targetname");
wolf_trigger thread Spawn_music();

wolf_clip = spawn( "script_model", level.wolf_origin );
wolf_clip.angles = level.wolf_angles;
wolf_clip SetModel( "collision_geo_64x64x256" );
wolf_clip Hide();

self PlayLoopSound("meteor_loop");
self SetCursorHint("HINT_NOICON");
self waittill("trigger");
self StopLoopSound();
self PlaySound("meteor_affirm","sound_done");
self waittill("sound_done");
self Delete();
players = getplayers();
for(i = 0; i < players.size; i++)
players[i] PlaySound("iheay_song");
players[i] Giveweapon("mw2_intervention");
players[i] SwitchToWeapon("mw2_intervention");
For the record since im trying something new its really out of interest and scripting practise.
1195 days ago
Thanks very much for the information i will try and give it ago and also thxs for linking me the"Need help making a sky-box topic" that definitely gonna help very much much with the render order of the skybox much appreciated. I will export the waw skybox and experiment on it but thx for helping its much obliged, i will look at the terra gen and understand its process thx for the advice its much appreciated :D
1201 days ago
just to reassure you may have gotten the wrong idea of what i meant. I may not of clearly explained what i meant by.
I was wondering how i can make/port a custom sky box like the one in blacks ops or waw which has a background like buildings, hills, stacks, mountains and clouds etc for different skyboxs that i port or make. 

For example the waw skybox has buildings in them and has more than 1 texture applied to the skyboxmodel and it is quite frankly confusing to me and it makes me wonder how you would go about setting it up in assetmanger.

in assetmanger because of how its laid out with the different sorts applied to each material, this can determine how each material is rendered in the specific order in assetmanager, i am wondering how you would set up the options for assetmanager for a skybox like this that has a background like buildings in it. the rendering order is what confuses me the most that includes the different skybox options like skybox / horizon, skybox / clouds etc.

i was not asking how you would apply a skybox in the worldspawn settings. i asked how you would set the appropriate settings in assetmanger and how you would make/port one ?

Last of all the skybox is not made out of a brush so if you assume i meant by drawing decal brushes in the background of the skybox then you have got my intentions wrong completely, i am aware of the texture limit itself that why i asked about the sky box horizon background which is combined within the model itself the skybox has more than one texture in this particular case. setting up the rendering order is the confusing part.
1204 days ago
Hello i was just wondering how I would go about making a skybox like this because i like sky boxes horizons in the background so i was wondering if anyone could help me

This is a screenshot of a bo1 sky box but i was wondering if anyone knows how to do this type of sky box with an overlay because im not sure how to do it as i cant find the specified options in assetmanager. I can make standard skyboxs but not this one in particular.

Even though its a bo1 skybox i noticed you can use a skybox in waw that has a background of some sort in the horizon

1204 days ago
Hi Just to say i figured out what the green textures are why my model was turning green they are ambient occlusion maps which have been converted and encoded within bo1 which is why the textures green.

I didn't notice this but the textures I found where not specular maps. I had no idea ambient occlusion was supported for bo1 until i looked in bo1 mod tools asset manager to look at the updated material settings.

Suzzed it out and got rid of the ambient occlusion, there are specular map that are right which i found. I now know not to use green colour ambient occlusion maps. my mistake not for not distinguishing it. I was confused because of the prefix that you get it with like spec maps
1227 days ago
Hello I need to know if someone knows how to get around the fix for the specular maps in bo1, just wondering because i have started converting assets for bo1 i have been able to render the normal maps to the original quality using kokole converter to fix them like you do in mw2/mw3 models you convert. but the specular maps dont seem to be rendering properly including the cosines i have made by changing the specs colour from black to white. Despite my efforts im not having any luck. I had i hunch about the green specs because i had my doubts already they would not display the specs of the model properly. If i where to fix the green specular maps how would i do this.
1239 days ago
I have not encountered this with the other viewhands I ported from Mw2 and Mw3, but for some reason the black ops and bo2 viewhands seem to have some issue with the Waw weapons being used with the black ops viewhands. Despite of this im am unsure what is wrong and why the wrist looks so messed up when using some of the Waw guns. ive been trying to figure it out but no luck. Has anyone come across this issue and have you been able to solve it the advice would be much appreciated?

This picture shows an example of a waw gun while using the bo1 viewhands.
1258 days ago
What do you mean by the transition?

Sorry guys I know fixed my problem I had exported the selected tags back to front for the ads animation for mp5k_ads_up and mp5k_ads_down problem fix my ads works now when I press the aim button sorry.

I was already able to port treyarch weapons but with infinity ward had weapons it was was very new to me.

Oh when I meant by transition I meant when I pressed the aim button it would zoom in but would not display the ads_up animation instead show an the idle animation but zoomed in.

Sorry about that next time I will show a image gif next time to better  explain the issue if I have issues like this again
1290 days ago
Hello I am currently having problems with my ads for the MP5k when it transitions into the aim Anim I Don't know what I done wrong but I followed IPwnatZombies MW2 Weapon porting tutorial everything works except the ads transition that goes into aiming Does anyone know where I may gone wrong.

I know for a fact that the weapon file I am aware of was done correctly.

I know it has something to do with how I ported the ads anim in maya. but I have change it multiple times no luck I am missing something

Input would be much appreciated here are pictures of the model, this is what I mean by :-\

1291 days ago
Recently I've been trying to extract some normal maps but the -n flag doesn't seem to be working despite setting it up in the way its suppose to in the short-cut. I don't know why but for some reason its skips 324 normal maps which are ones I need for some missing textures. I don't know but I may be missing?

Target Path Setup For Shortcut
"D:\Game Utility Software\Toms BMX Tools\Tom_BO2_iPak_1.22\Tom_BO2_iPak\Tom_BO2_iPak.exe" -f dlczm2.ipak -n

If anyone can help me and explain where I may be going wrong it be much appreciated, im not extracting models by the way I  am extracting textures otherwise I would be using Lime.
1312 days ago
Hello I currently have a problem with my mod running It when I compile the map that I have built. I've added the p90 to the map by making a trigger use and have giving it the Kvps. i have added the necessary files for the gun in the file directory this includes the model, the model parts, weapon file images, materials and material properties etc, however despite adding the weapons in the dlc3 code and zombie weapon scripts the runtime error occurred and as much as i know the syntax errors i got where fine as i know the errors are coming up because of the error of related to the p90.

Script Runtime Error"assert fail: p90 was not included or is not part of the weapon list"
This error i'm confused with because i have added it into the weapon in the two scripts but don't know why it not working it should run the map without a problem. the weapon files are corrected and there are no errors when I compiled the map or  the mod.

If anyone has encountered this error and knows how to figure it out and what cause the problem please explain to me how to fix this problem. any advice will be much appreciated.
1587 days ago
I will enjoy my stay nice to meet you
1587 days ago


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