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Hi I just wanted to ask anyone out there if they know how they get wav audio bitrate from 705kbps to 180kbps without losing quality because I know there are modding members of the community out there who have successfully managed to lower the wav file bitrate from that number without any static/nois...
123 days ago
Hi Does anyone Happen to Know why the compile ff options checkboxes are greyed out since I've never had this with other map files before, I know this is a test demonstration map but I just felt like having a look and playing it for myself but why can't i check the boxes for compile bsp,...
173 days ago
Hi I have converted a sniper overlay in asset manager, however it is not working I need help because I have done all the necessary I can do as I cannot identify where the issue although its somewhere . I need help because I don't understand why my overlay is not displaying when I aim...
1176 days ago
Hi i need input / help because 90% of my script works although because im doing the Easter egg trigger via script instead of the map editor by entering the keys and values i cant get the trigger to trigger unlike a standard easteregg song which i can do if i put the keys and values in the entity box...
1222 days ago
Thanks very much for the information i will try and give it ago and also thxs for linking me the"Need help making a sky-box topic" that definitely gonna help very much much with the render order of the skybox much appreciated. I will export the waw skybox and experiment on it but thx for h...
1229 days ago
just to reassure you may have gotten the wrong idea of what i meant. I may not of clearly explained what i meant by.
I was wondering how i can make/port a custom sky box like the one in blacks ops or waw which has a background like buildings, hills, stacks, mountains and clouds etc for differe...
1231 days ago


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