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Map created by SirJammy & Ege115


Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

    Known bugs:

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.


Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

    Tip for opening bunker:

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Nuketown: Remastered is a recreation of Nuketown from BO2 as a base, and then expands drastically of the original map including being able to access the outside map houses & gardens, being able to unlock the bunker (which is far larger than the original Nuketown itself.)

This map does NOT require T4M!

MEGA Download link:

Google Drive Download link:

The map itself took me over a year to map. Also Ege115 essentially brought the map together with scripting, adding weapons, fixing bugs and so much more for months on end.

Fixes and changes in Nuketown Remastered 1.1:

- Changed it so you can now both have the rake trap and the zombie shield in your inventory.
- Changed it so you have the normal ray gun and not the upgraded one when you go down with QR on solo.
- Fixed the vision glitch that happens when the map restarts automatically after dying on solo. And no more black and white vision after taking a Time Warp powerup.
- Fixed a hole in the ground where you could see through the map in the yellow house garden next to where a shield part can be.
- Fixed the game breaking glitch that made you get stuck on the ramp by Deadshot Daiquri.
- Fixed Mule Kick in coop where if you went down and someone revived you, you'd still keep your third gun. And then afterwards get unlimited guns.
- Fixed an issue where zombies start spawning in the blue house without actually opening to the blue house. The blue house will only have 1 debris so the zombies can get out of the house in some way.
- Fixed some places where powerups could spawn outside the map where you killed zombies.
- Added a clip to a wooden pole under the outside stairs of the yellow house.

Fixes and changes in Nuketown Remastered 1.2:

- The zombie spawning is improved, the map is now harder and more hectic!

- Fixed the out of map exploit in the house by deadshot daiquri
- Fixed an open window that you couldn't shoot through.
- Fixed another spot where powerups could spawn outside the map.
- Fixed a bug were the game could crash if you're in laststand and try go with the zipline/watershoot/escape truck in the EE.
- Fixed a bug were you couldn't melee when holding the MK-11.

- Added the correct ammo stats for the upgraded PPSH-41.
- Buffed galvaknuckles so it's 1 hit kill up to 15, before it was round 14.
- Added more traverses for zombies to get to you.
1453 days ago
Pretty bad map  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
1539 days ago
I think I speak on behalf of everyone on UGX, If we manage to get the tools by doing this. I will die happy.  :gusta: :gusta:
1544 days ago
drama is taking over the community. i am interested to see the result

1608 days ago
These two people are some of the most immature people I know who are so poorly adjusted to real life. Holy shit its sad... Keep strong Harry

Double Post Merge: April 25, 2016, 12:41:05 pm
These two people are some of the most immature people I know who are so poorly adjusted to real life. Holy shit its sad... Keep strong Harry

Btw, I dont get involved a lot with UGX drama but this is awful

 Im also doing a bleach giveaway on my channel Gun and Cow.
1608 days ago
There's some flys fx in the root adding fx to it will make it look more bloody and like he was dead for a while and the flys are moving around him.

Why does everyone think they are people xD, They are the Nuketown mannequins!
1609 days ago
Mmmm, I'm so scared of the default position zombie hanging by his ankle.

Sarcasm? Lol.. They are the nuketown mannequins strung up with blood running down them.
1609 days ago

Trying to give the map a really dark, creepy vibe. Stuff that makes people question "Urm, should I be here? .__. "

1610 days ago
Oooo they moving?

Blue stuff is, but the skulls aren't atm. Might end up getting a few to float here and there :) But the whole premise of this hell  area is 115 displacement, and how time travel can destroy time which froze it in place.
1611 days ago
Meh. Black Radiant is cluttered with so much garbage now its hard to see what the hell your doing. Hopefully there is a way to change it back to the old GTK Radiant layout, otherwise this'll be a pain to use.

I mean, come on, animation and FX editor/preview? Was that really necessary to add?

1611 days ago

Just going to leave this here.  :troll:
1611 days ago
SirJammy, you should rename yourself to SirWins-alot, with the amount of good shit you're pumping out.

Thanks mate :) Just trying to make it as high quality as I can. Oh and i enjoy it :P
1611 days ago

This is the bunker facility map.
Dosent include the hell area "The Necros" since it was discovered in the construction site area of the map (top right)
1611 days ago


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