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So why did you mention radiant in your message?

He's referring to the user RadiMax.
1103 days ago
I have about all of the BO1 weapons along with AW and BO2 weapons in my map. When I start the map via compile in launcher these weapons work perfectly.. I sent a beta version of my map to a friend and when he started it all the weapons that were custom showed up as the default weapon (finger weapon). Why is it doing that?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Double Post Merge: May 09, 2018, 07:51:51 pm
Anyone? Really need this solved :/
1131 days ago
Lets not start arguing back and forth like children. Thanks.
1131 days ago
Hi there!!

It seems as though when I use the mystery box and take a weapon it replaces my second gun and only leaves me with one..

For example: I have the 1911, I hit the box, grab an MG42 and it replaces the 1911 and now I ONLY have the MG42 and the 1911 is lost in existence. Any solutions to this? Thanks.
1131 days ago
Also if else statements don’t waste processing power mate. The impact would make no difference at all

Thanks ;)

I set all variables to sprint so if I'd like to easily set it back to walk/run/sprint I could. All ways work so it's whatever he wants :)

level.zonbie_move_speed = 100;

I didn't even know you could do that. Just learned something.. thanks Harry.
1132 days ago
Hi guys
How can i make zombie in round 1 like in round 10
For example
Run fast and make them more difficult

Go to zombiemode_spawner.gsc

Search for
rand = randomintrange( level.zombie_move_speed, level.zombie_move_speed + 35 );

Set all the variables to sprint.

1133 days ago
level notify( "last_dog_down" );

just put that when the last one dies

Where's that placed? Thanks for the help guys
1134 days ago
I have never added any FX to my map.. ever.. because every time I tried it gave me 400 fx error. When I began creating my map, I disabled the dog rounds in my dlc3_code.gsc and in my mapname.gsc and later (tonight) I just decided to re-add mixed rounds.. set all variables to true that were necessary for it and now when I try to compile map and play -- 400 fx error. Any clue/help?

1135 days ago
I actually very much so enjoyed IW Zombies... thanks for this.
1135 days ago
If you're looking to just remove the HUD when playing to take screenshots or just because, cg_drawhud 0 in the console.

If you want to remove HUD from your mod, go to _zombiemode.gsc and search for
"ui_hud_hardcore", "0",
and change that 0 value to 1. This will cause you to spawn with no HUD :)
1135 days ago
Is it possible for AI to take the place of dog rounds? For example have 7 or 8 soldiers you have to kill before round ends and goes back to zombies?

Any help would be greatly appreciated :)
1135 days ago
Is it possible to change the model of the default KBAR knife to Reznov's? If so how would one go about doing that?
Thanks for any help!!
1136 days ago
Joeycx haha true but its never to late to make new maps :) i still want to make for codwaw over bo3 since i prefer the classic feeling. Keep it up

I think BO3 maps can be great but I love the classic as  well ;) Thank you! I'll be posting more images soon.
1137 days ago
looks like a playable map.
gj  :)

Thank you!! This is just one room ;)
1138 days ago
Tea is hot water with a bag of bland tasting flavor inside of it made for old people. Sorry Harry I still love you  ;)
1138 days ago


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