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we should make a map together. (you map and I can help you change things like viewhands and weapons from other cods)
85 days ago
Lol what perks did you STEAL lol
200 days ago
New YouTube series where I make a map with everyone’s reasonable input. Make sure you leave a comment on the video of what to do. This map will be like the early days of WaW modding when bo1 perks were just added. Make sure you subscribe and click the bell to be alert when the next video is released.

Double Post Merge: August 29, 2018, 02:24:38 pm
Part 2 just uploaded! Show some love!

449 days ago
RIP. I kinda wish for more sniper rifles to mess around with like the DSR, but it's fine if there's nothing to be done.

I suggested a DSR during development
458 days ago
I found a cool trick in the taco hell map :)

explain this trick
460 days ago
If something like that stops playing it seems like another song is blocking the roundsound.
Maybe you activated a Easteregg song?

I don't know if you have custom round sounds but if so can you show me how you done it?
I also have custom round sounds in my mod.

it's only at round 5 and it makes a click noise than
467 days ago
its been 2months , when will you update or fix some bugs here ? :D

The wait was kinda my fault. I was porting the perk machines again for him so hopefully make them look better this time around
517 days ago
Hello, today I encourage everyone to download the Reaper Map Pack for WaW with 9 maps. After downloading the pack I’d like to see what maps were peoples favourites from best to worst in order!

Map Packs,12233.390.html
535 days ago
Is this map bus route B?
539 days ago
IW perks
540 days ago
I might be able to help, I won't know what you're really look for. I map and port models more than I script thats for sure. just hit me up on my Twitter and I'll be more than glad to help out

542 days ago
Want to be the first to have IW perks ;)
542 days ago
Thank you all for your comments!!! Tomorrow I respond properly to all ....

I've been busy with final projects all this week ... Tomorrow I will release a new version with the Simon Dice arranged ....

Maybe want to coop on a map? I want to make more IW style maps. Your already done hud, weapons, and vending would help. I plan on making a custom weapon well which a topical feel already.
556 days ago
Beat it in 13 rounds first attempt. Nice map very well put together. I don't know if it's just solo or the boss is super easy to kill with the Shredder. It didn't even get close to leaving the arena are before I killed it. Still GREAT MAP!

Any chance I could get my hands on some of those assets? Mostly the Spaceland Vendings, Magic Wheel, and Teleporter. Wraiths for some odd reason doesn't work for me..
558 days ago


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