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or try this
Highlight machine, right click and  enter prefab  (mule, stam, cherry etc) highlight each light on the machine, press n then delete the "exploder_count" , now set the desired lightstate, right click and save prefab.. now they work, no download needed.

they have since updated with the tools. so i closed the topic :D thought this was gone tbh.
1734 days ago
Cheers for this. Saves time on everyone remaking the prefab with working lighting :D Quick question, have you updated the file yet?

I haven't got around to it. Just busy with school.
1787 days ago
(Image removed from quote.)

i spent hours making this look good, not to mention all the stuff HeX Zombies did already to it at the start.
but i see you have help already :) hope it turns out nice

Radi, he never replied to me! Plus I love your work!
1804 days ago
I would like to find help with my map and it's main EE and mini EE's?
1805 days ago
add me on skype: darexex i may be able to help
I added you
1805 days ago
I want to get a custom loadscreen made but am very under talented with photoshop. Any help?
1807 days ago
Some of the lighting doesn't work on the machines, such as Mule Kick.

I'm working on them now. Going to reupload the file after
1807 days ago

Hello - Thanks for responding. I've been looking for this, as I have discovered that the models I've placed on the map and added clipping too, are causing my zombies to run straight into them.
Could you expand/elaborate a little. Are there specific KPV's I need to add into these nav mesh or nav volumes?

Thank you kindly sir.
1807 days ago
So in my map I placed in path nodes for zombies know what to follow but they dont seem to work. there is just parts where they are running into a building or something. Any help?
1808 days ago
Here is the video tutorial enjoy:
1809 days ago
The only way i've been able to do it is through fx

Yeah there is no weathergrim for it... Treyarch plzzz
1809 days ago
Does anyone know how to add rain or have a tutorial for it?
1809 days ago
Just msg me on ugx, ill use steam or skype in the future but can't get on there atm.
1810 days ago


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