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Is there a way to essentially back-up maps/mods downloaded from the Steam workshop and play them even once you're unsubscribed from the mod?
I know you can do that with L4D2 no issues, but I've never found the location of the mods for BO3, googling didn't help either. But again, even if I can find the files for the mods and manually back them up, can I continue playing them off/online?
3 years ago
Not sure how much you care about feedback, but the only problem I see with this map is its size. There are way too many open areas to train zombies in. I played the beta some time ago, but from what I can remember this map also had sprinters/very fast zombies. It would be nice to have the map centered around the main street, but cut the main street up into smaller ares with props. Same goes for the other areas. Make them less open and remove faster zombies. It really isn't too much fun to be slapped all the time and have large open areas where there is no danger whatsoever.
7 years ago
picture? gif? video?

Yeah sorry, I am lazy and forgot to upload them. Didn't forget to take them though.


It affects shadows on walls and on the ground. Especially on maps like Oil Rig this is very noticeable and annoying. And this also happens on pretty much every map, depends on how much light/shadows there are, sometimes it's just less noticeable.

Double Post Merge: October 02, 2017, 05:18:48 pm
Waw's standard shadow length bothered me two years ago.
I did some research on this and I saw the "sm_sunsamplesizenear" code.
this code was raising the shadow length of the sun. but it shrinks the shadow detail nearby!

0.25 (i guess default)
(Image removed from quote.)

1 (my choice)
(Image removed from quote.)

My settings.
in _zombiemode.gsc
Code Snippet
self SetClientDvars( "cg_deadChatWithDead", "1",
"cg_deadChatWithTeam", "1",
"cg_deadHearTeamLiving", "1",
"cg_deadHearAllLiving", "1",
"cg_everyoneHearsEveryone", "1",
"compass", "0",
"hud_showStance", "0",
"cg_thirdPerson", "0",
"cg_fov", "65",
"cg_thirdPersonAngle", "0",
"cg_firstpersontracerchance", "0.4",
"cg_tracerlength", "60",
"cg_tracerspeed", "5500",
"cg_tracerwidth", "1",
"sm_sunsamplesizenear", "1", // if you want add it!
"ammoCounterHide", "0",
"miniscoreboardhide", "0",
"r_glow_allowed", "1",
"ui_hud_hardcore", "0" );
//"ai_corpsecount", "10",
self SetDepthOfField( 0, 0, 512, 4000, 4, 0 );

Sorry for my bad english. Good evening. :-*

Oh, neat. Thanks for your help. I don't mind lower quality/detail shadows to be honest. Rather have higher draw distance. :p
7 years ago
Is there any way to increase the shadow draw distance? I am talking about real-time shadows of zombies and real-time (I guess?) shadows of the level itself.
Having shadows literally fade away beyond like 15 feet and make the floor/walls shiny and bright distracts a lot at times.

I can upload some screenshots later to show what I mean if anyone wants them.
7 years ago
Okay so apparently if you kill the boss and grab the perk, you cannot get another perk by getting 45 meteors and placing em on the stand even though it says you get an extra perk slot.

No shit. You have 4 perk slots by default and if you unlock the extra one you'll have 5. If you buy 4 perks and then grab the free perk form the boss, how many perks do you have then? 5. 5 perks for 5 slots.

Double Post Merge: August 31, 2017, 01:13:49 am
On another note, is there any way to stop the map from randomly freezing? I played a bunch of games in the past few days on this map and so far that happened 3 or 4 times. It happened once on round 7 with 1 zombie remaining and twice on higher rounds. There is no g_spawn error or any other error message. Just suddenly stops on 1 frame and a few seconds later windows will tell me it's unresponsive and ask me if I wanna close it.
It's really annoying, since the setup on this map takes quite a while.
7 years ago
It's a nice map, but 2 things are very annoying so far. For some reason, anything you go up to and look close at, it will be blurry. Like some sort of DoF effect, but thing is that's not how DoF works. It doesn't turn a wall blurry when you go up to it and try to read a sign or something. This happens for everything. Looking at props directly and also when looking at guns in the ? box. Everything becomes blurry as soon as it's in a close radius to you. Another annoyance is the round changing SFX. It has way too much gain and sounds blown out. It seems all maps who use that specific sound have the bad quality issue. Whoever ported the sound from BO3 to w@w fucked it up.
7 years ago
I don't know who you are and you never spoke with me before. I just remember one guy on steam that told mi similar  thing. If thats u then Im telling u same thing that I said before. I don't care about any port. I have my own ideas and I want to create them by myself. Also If I download original map tell me how I would edit it? How I will make extra rooms, zombie windows, and other things that I made here. Yes this map could be much better but this is my second map and I'm sorry that I'm not a pro of making maps. I tried my best and I did pretty good job. I would like to see your first and second map if they look "PRO"

Yeah, I was that guy go figure.
Anyways again, since my initial first post seems to have been lost I now have to type everything up again.

First off yes, yes you should care about a port. Because you making the map layout from scratch does nothing but waste time and leave room for potential errors when it comes to try to get a 1:1 scale.
All you have to do is take an uncompiled version of de_dust 2 and run it through a program that converts it to fit the modding tools' needs. In case you don't have an uncompiled version of the map, you can simply decompile the bsp format via something like BSPSource or simply get an editable version (fitting for source's SDK, so it's also uncompiled) off a place like reddit (CS:GO mapping subreddit to be exact).
And yes, I understand you have your own "ideas" and all, but all you did is basically copy dust 2 right? So much for being original and "having your own ideas".
That's not what a remaster/remake of a map is about in the first place. Yes, no shit you can add your own ideas into it. Look at nuketown remastered. That map features a bunch of brand new areas and even has its own EE. It's way better than the original in every aspect, even graphics wise how everything is decorated.

Listen, all you had to do.. okay is port dust 2 with 2 very easy to find tools to the mapping tools for w@w.
After that is done, the map will be a 1:1 replica of dust 2 how it's in CS:GO. The only thing left to fix are texture and prop misplacements which you need to fix by hand. Talking about props, after the earlier step of fixing textures is done you should go and ports the props for dust 2 to w@w via maya. There is an easy to find plugin that lets you do that.
You can find all info about porting maps, props and all stuff on a post here on ugx.
Also, you can get maya for free as student version for 3 years.

Anyways, once that is all done, guess what. Add whatever the fuck you like to the map. This is usually were the fun part begins, at least from the creative side since trying to add everything you come to think of will be a huge pain in the ass to actually get done. Mapping takes time and making a good looking, big map can take years. Again, look at something like Herrenhaus. From what I know the guy who made it never made other maps before it. It was his only map and he's also not planning on ever touching the mapping tools again.
It's a professional looking map from someone who has dedicated a lot of time and effort into it.
Meanwhile, excuse me, you just lazily copied the layout of dust 2 and put basically no effort into decorating the map and adding anything worth of value into it.
Again, I never played the map. It could play just fine, but honestly a map isn't all about gameplay. How a map looks, both the quality of the graphics and the details in the decoration of textures, decals and so on are all important as well. Especially for a map like dust 2 which is loved by a lot of people. Giving them something like you made in like 2 months is a fucking disappointment. Dust 2 in w@w isn't anything new. There are a bunch of "low effort" versions of dust 2 available for w@w.
I mean hell, at least you somewhat got the layout right. Some of the maps that try to resemble dust 2 have their proportions/scale off and look even worse.

I know this all is pretty harsh, but it's just how it is. How something looks is important and it doesn't matter if your map has the best gameplay of any zombies map ever. It looks like garbage and people will judge it for it. It looks like a low effort project with little to no time investment made.
If you wanna try it again and make an actually professional looking, good map follow these somewhat basic guidelines.

- Port the CS:GO version alongside all textures and props to the mapping tools for w@w, you can find a guide on how to do it on ugx

- Fix all problems with misalignments

- Expand the map and add original areas, maybe near pit behind the big double doors or in CT spawn

- Maybe make it so you can unlock these areas via easter egg and in those areas you find PaP or a buyable ending

- Add the gun models from CS:GO to the map as custom weapons, with inclusion of the sounds and you could even add some high value skins as PaP camo

- Turn the mystery box into a CS:GO case, you can find CS:GO case models online such as the SFM workshop

- Try something wonky with the powerups i.e turn the fire sale into a steam summer sale and add a cheesy gaben meme song thing for it

- Add the Elite Crew and/or IDF as player models alongside their voice lines

- Change the feeling/theme of the map, you could let it stay at vanilla dust 2 or make it look all creepy and dark, make it look like MotD with barbed wire and burned out cars and a new night skybox with a full moon

Again you could "easily" do all of this and potentially more if you were to dedicate time and effort to this map.
Sure it wouldn't actually be easy, in fact I reckon it would be a huge project and take probably years if you were to do it alone without major help. But I am pretty sure people would praise a map like that and especially actual CS fans would love it a lot.

So what's your excuse for making a cheap, lazy version of dust 2 that isn't dust 2 in any way besides having the same layout but nothing else besides that? Is it too hard and time consuming to make a map like I suggested it above? A polished map with a lot of little details?
Sure those details do not influence how the map plays and the map you currently have sure could be the best zombies map ever gameplay wise, but it sure as shit looks like trash and doesn't resemble dust 2.

If you wanna do something, do it right. Good and polished things take time. Either take your time and put effort into it, be it 2 years and a lot of work or just.. you know leave it at this map and just be another example of low effort shit.
Anyone can make a map like this, hell I could make a map like this. Without putting any effort and only a few dozen hours I could make a map like yours. But you know what not many people can make? Quality maps like Herrenhaus or others like Ragnarok, Leviathan and so on. Those maps are bloody gorgeous and play all very well too.

Again keep in mind the guy who made Herrenhaus (from what I can remember) said it was his only map and he also didn't plan on make any more maps. Herrenhaus is a very professional looking map though, that had a lot of time and effort poured into it. So why again.. can't you do the same and instead have to resort to make a cheap looking map that 90% of people will be turned off at when looking at the screenshots?

Don't take this as personal attack or insult, take this as criticism and how to actually do something right for once.
If you don't choose to redo this whole project of yours, that's fine. But doing that would in the end be failure. If you want to actually succeed, go and redo the entire map. Port it, the textures and props alongside the other stuff I mentioned. Make it original, but actually resembling dust 2 in its style (i.e. keep it dust 2 with a desert theme, but change it to a night setting with barbed wires everywhere and signs of destruction/carnage like MotD turned a prison into a living hell).

So yeah, either redo it and actually do it right or keep it like this and just be another failure, someone who thought making a low effort map is actually something good. If the guy from Herrenhaus can do it, surely you should be able to do it s well, right?
7 years ago
what are you talking about ? I was working in this map 2 months I just gave u my project u can see everything there

I told you like 3 months ago, just port the map over. It's much easier, it saves so much time and the scale will be 1:1. Yeah it would be a lot of work to make a decent looking zombies map similar to Leviathan or Ragnarok, but with enough time, effort and work you can do it. A map needs more than a few months of work. Give it 2 years and follow the ideas I presented in my other post and you might deliver a professional looking map.
And yes, visuals do matter. A lot. No one likes to play a bland looking, low effort map. I won't deny that you probably spent a lot of time working on it, but it's not nearly enough.

Double Post Merge: June 18, 2017, 02:35:56 am
I also think my first post just got lost. Said an admin/mod needs to approve of it, while my other post posted just fine. Nice.
7 years ago
Oh boy, it's finally here. Looks very nice.
7 years ago
Does anyone know a workaround for renaming your maps/mods?
I renamed almost all my maps so I can keep better track of them plus keep things tidy.
But with that comes a problem.
When your mod/map's folder is renamed and you try to connect to an online lobby for said map, it won't let you join the lobby. You'll always get an error relating to the folder name. Basically, even if you have the same map loaded as your friend, you still can't join their game unless both your map folders have the same exact name.
If you don't, the game will simply not let you connect to each other.

Holy shit, I am bad at explaining.
Anyways, is there any workaround for this? I don't wanna revert my folders' names back to the original names.
Not only would it mess up my tidy list, but it would also take a long time, since I don't know the original names anymore and I'd have to redownload all maps.
7 years ago
i doubt nintendo dmca'd the project

Yeah, it seems like the author took his own map down due to a problem. Still very weird how it hasn't gotten back up within a month. :/
7 years ago
I know this topic won't really fit here that well, but I really want to know what the fuck is going on.
What happened to the mario sunshine/isle delfino map for BO3 on the steam workshop?
It was version 0.1 and got an update to 0.2 on the 20th of february or so. I downloaded the update and upon launching BO3 the map was gone. I was still subbed to it, but the page for the map was removed/deleted.
Does anyone know what exactly happened there?
Did some asshole at nintendo contact steam and DMCA'd the project? Or did the mapper fuck something up and had to take the map down because the new update broke it? Even if, it's been a month now. Why wouldn't there be any info on that?
That map was one of the reasons why I bought BO3 and I only got to play it once for like half an hour.
7 years ago
Does the ReShade mod override t4m? I know, I know, this map doesn't use t4m but I do play quite a few maps on a regular basis that need t4m and I also love that I can use "cg_fov 90" without having cheats enabled.
7 years ago
Oh, this will help. Thanks.
7 years ago
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