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Messages - nomorevideos

I just played this map for about 2 hours and I'm amazed by what people can do with this almost a decade old game.
The sheer amount of weapons and all the imported models and textures is just wow.
I only have 2 gripes, which the first one is it's a bit too easy.. then again it's Kino and Kino never really was "challenging", but my major complaint are bugs.
There are 2 major bugs I've experienced and I don't know if those are well known bugs on this map or if I'm just "unlucky".
The first bug seemed to occur when I got incapped the first time when I had mule kick. At the time I had 3 weapons which uh.. the thundergun, some pap'd gun and another AR I think.
Basically after I was revived by quickrevive I still had all 3 guns and when I ended the game I had and I am not kidding.. 17 or 18 weapons. Primary weapons. And I thought managing your weapons with mule kick when you have 3 is already annoying.
Anyways, a more severe bug happened later when I basically was "unreachable" for any zombie (not sure about boss, never tested it on him). I was literally swarmed by them and took no dmg and only on very rare occasions (like 1%) I got hit like once. I didn't use any sort of god mode, the only cmd I used was cg_fov 90 to get a non-cancer fov.
I still could harm myself, so I downed myself with explosives and after that, suddenly the zombies could attack me again.
I don't know when this actually started, but I was on like round 34 or so when I got suspicious since I wasn't getting hit anymore. Since normally you get hit like once or twice every now and then when passing by a zombie.
I think this bug maybe was caused by the boss picking me up or throwing me around, since I can remember being shot forward into the air at some point.
But yeah, other than that this map is simply amazing. It has the perfect size, lots of custom models and textures (I guess ripped from like AW/BO3? it seems), even has the 115 song you can activate and tons of other stuff.
The only thing I can really complain about besides those bugs/glitches is the fact that this map seems way to easy.
The teleporter seems to cool down way too fast and the overall uh... like.. zombie spawning seems too passive.
I never had zombies (or very rarely) spawning behind me while I was busy with some others in front of me and yeah.
I'd still say this map is easily a 9/10 and could also be just a straight up official map in like BO3 judging from the art style and all the fine details.
7 years ago
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