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Not sure how much you care about feedback, but the only problem I see with this map is its size. There are way too many open areas to train zombies in. I played the beta some time ago, but from what I can remember this map also had sprinters/very fast zombies. It would be nice to have the map center...
727 days ago
picture? gif? video?

Yeah sorry, I am lazy and forgot to upload them. Didn't forget to take them though.


[img width=770 height=283]https://orig00.deviantar...
748 days ago
Is there any way to increase the shadow draw distance? I am talking about real-time shadows of zombies and real-time (I guess?) shadows of the level itself.
Having shadows literally fade away beyond like 15 feet and make the floor/walls shiny and bright distracts a lot at times.

I ca...
750 days ago
Okay so apparently if you kill the boss and grab the perk, you cannot get another perk by getting 45 meteors and placing em on the stand even though it says you get an extra perk slot.

781 days ago
It's a nice map, but 2 things are very annoying so far. For some reason, anything you go up to and look close at, it will be blurry. Like some sort of DoF effect, but thing is that's not how DoF works. It doesn't turn a wall blurry when you go up to it and try to read a sign or someth...
790 days ago
I don't know who you are and you never spoke with me before. I just remember one guy on steam that told mi similar  thing. If thats u then Im telling u same thing that I said before. I don't care about a...
842 days ago


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