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Topics - nomorevideos

Is there a way to essentially back-up maps/mods downloaded from the Steam workshop and play them even once you're unsubscribed from the mod?
I know you can do that with L4D2 no issues, but I've never found the location of the mods for BO3, googling didn't help either. But again, even if I can find the files for the mods and manually back them up, can I continue playing them off/online?
3 years ago
Is there any way to increase the shadow draw distance? I am talking about real-time shadows of zombies and real-time (I guess?) shadows of the level itself.
Having shadows literally fade away beyond like 15 feet and make the floor/walls shiny and bright distracts a lot at times.

I can upload some screenshots later to show what I mean if anyone wants them.
6 years ago
Does anyone know a workaround for renaming your maps/mods?
I renamed almost all my maps so I can keep better track of them plus keep things tidy.
But with that comes a problem.
When your mod/map's folder is renamed and you try to connect to an online lobby for said map, it won't let you join the lobby. You'll always get an error relating to the folder name. Basically, even if you have the same map loaded as your friend, you still can't join their game unless both your map folders have the same exact name.
If you don't, the game will simply not let you connect to each other.

Holy shit, I am bad at explaining.
Anyways, is there any workaround for this? I don't wanna revert my folders' names back to the original names.
Not only would it mess up my tidy list, but it would also take a long time, since I don't know the original names anymore and I'd have to redownload all maps.
7 years ago
I know this topic won't really fit here that well, but I really want to know what the fuck is going on.
What happened to the mario sunshine/isle delfino map for BO3 on the steam workshop?
It was version 0.1 and got an update to 0.2 on the 20th of february or so. I downloaded the update and upon launching BO3 the map was gone. I was still subbed to it, but the page for the map was removed/deleted.
Does anyone know what exactly happened there?
Did some asshole at nintendo contact steam and DMCA'd the project? Or did the mapper fuck something up and had to take the map down because the new update broke it? Even if, it's been a month now. Why wouldn't there be any info on that?
That map was one of the reasons why I bought BO3 and I only got to play it once for like half an hour.
7 years ago
Does anyone know where I can find a reference on the scale of maps/characters?

Like, I want to know how much 1 unit in the w@w radiant is in metric or inches.
I want to remake a source engine map, which source engine maps have "hammer" as units and 1 hu is 1.9cm.
But how do I find out how much 1 unit is in the radiant?
I know that uh the radiant has different grid sizes, but for example, how much is 1 unit on a grid size of 8 in metric?
7 years ago
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