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Looks good. I've already played the handful of custom SP maps out here, and it is nice to see another finally done. I'll look at it very soon.

Can this be played CO-OP?
1045 days ago
I see some good architecture from the screenshots. Some good brush work. The features look very interesting too! When the bugs are fixed, I'll make sure to give it a go.
1212 days ago
:D That part of the credits list was written from Tom's perspective, i copied that from zommods..  ::)

Ah I figured that was tom's writing as well. I hadnt checked ZomMods, and I dont see it in my bookmarks. I must of not rebookmarked it from moving computers...
1217 days ago
Glad to have helped.

I dont recall ever talking to you personally though..... :D
1217 days ago
Nice to see it is still in the works.
1415 days ago
After doing a step in the EE, I got the Thunderbolt special "weapon", and I was trying to find where to use it and I used up all the ammo. So I thought I would wait for a max ammo, since it was ammo-based I thought it would refill. Well, I ended up going down and dying and I appeared to have lost it and we could not pick it up again from the spot. We could not find anything else in order to continue the EE so we just played. It seems like losing it ruined the EE for that game.
1473 days ago
Actually YAW plays any map that gets released....

Really? I havent seen them play mine....
1487 days ago
Decent remake, though I felt like it was a 180 degrees off (that the map needed to be turned 180 degrees). This may seem just a small thing, but I had some trouble navigating because it looked rather different from the original.

I found a couple glitches. The first one is a clipping error on the stairs railing on the back part, you can then go along the wall and outside the map.  The 2nd may just be a normal waw thing which can happen sometimes like it also happened to me on Nacht Reimagined. I came out of the mantling animation here, then did a jump into the window and it put me up on top inside the window and into the house. Everything here was muffled, and the zombies i couldnt see though they could hit me. I also couldnt swap weapons or throw nades. I ended up having to cook a nade and down myself which pushed me under and fully inside the house.
1491 days ago
Some hard choices, especially since I seem to have missed many of the maps on the list. My choice for the most buggy map was a bit of a joke I think, but true, since the map was so glitched it probably shouldnt have even been included in the list.....

Too bad I wasnt able to include a certain map in one of the slots, but I think the ones I chose were the best ones, though some came just as close.
1505 days ago
Made it 21 rounds then it got a bit too crazy and we died. Got to the material part. Will try again soon to try and complete.
1516 days ago
Interesting map. I have not advanced much in it, keep dying, twice by fall. Just noticed one thing in this situation, I saw a max ammo and I ran through it with my colt, which was empty, but the max ammo didnt refill the ammo. The max ammo did work later when I got a m14.
1539 days ago
this isn't based on the Dawnville map from the first CoD, is it?

Yes it is.
1543 days ago
Dawnville!! CoD1. Nice to see this again. The old classic dawnville zombie map was fun, as was the SP remake.
1545 days ago
Dead Sand, western, gould, Berlin HQ, and Berlin Bank to name a few.

I remember making a last stand in the last room of Berlin HQ, playing with 2 other players, 1 being apparently colour blind and so couldnt read chat very well! Then using the double barrel and switching corners with a huge pack of zombies following me, lots of fun.  Same with gould, camping on the stairs with some other players.

Oh and Trenches was one of the first maps I played and that also was a fun map to play (first may have been system).
1555 days ago
Okay looks like the problem is solved. I decided to extract the mod tool files again into the root and copied and replaced. Then when I opened up Asset Manager and hit convert on the material and then the xmodel, I noticed my anti-virus had removed a file they thought was not safe, so I quickly restored it, and then redid the conversion and it completed. I assume this was the problem.

I didnt think it would be a mod tools problem as this was a fresh one I installed several months ago, which I didnt do anything with until now. But I must of missed the notification when my anti-virus removed the file previously.

I'll start converting more to make sure.
1557 days ago


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