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Hello fellow Custom Waw Zombies. Today I bring you my third map !!! Before continuing I clarify a couple of things to be able to play it.

First of all my map requires (T4M) to be able to play it ... I wanted to limit the FX and Sounds but I couldn't. I am something new in this, even so the map is quite good. It has some errors that you will surely notice and I apologize for that. I wanted to do a big project but every time there are few tutorials and it is difficult for me to learn to do something new. even so I surpassed my previous mpa (Omega Base). this map contains many weapons and things that i wanted to add. It does not have a large easter egg since they only have to look for pieces to assemble the acid gat and a good affordable ending which makes it more interesting than a challenge. now I clarify below what my map brings.

-Acidgat (bo2)
-Blundergat (bo2)
-AK47 (MW2)
-Servant (bo3)
-Chicom (bo2)
-MP5 (bo2)
-Striker (MW2)
-AN94 (bo2)
-Scavenger (bo1)
-Galil (bo2)
-Dingo (bo3)
-C4 "MW2"
-Scorpion EVO (bo2)
-Kard (bo2)
-M14 (bo2)
-M8A1 (bo2)
-1927 Tommy Gun (bo2)
-M1014 (MW2)
-MC96 (bo2)
-Cheytac (bo2)
-MG08 (bo2)
-PDW57 (bo2)
-Ray Gun Mark II (bo2)
-Peacekeeper (bo2)
-RK5 (bo3)
-Remignton Magnum (bo2 buried)
-SCAR-H (bo2)
-T7 PSSH (bo3)
-Uzi (bo2)
-Vector (bo2)
-Law (bo1 )
-MP40 (bo2)

Perks 8:

-Quick revive

-DoubleTap 2.0 (bo2)

-Electric Cherry (bo2 )


-Stamina Up (bo1)

-Dead Shot (bo1)

-Fast Reload-

-PDH Flopper ( Dolphin  bo1 )

Custom Scripts:

-HUD BO2 Mob of the Dead

-Advanced Warfare Style Blood Splatter

-Eyes Red in Zombies

-Hit Maker


-Zombies Mob of The Dead

-Zombies Verruct Run

-Affordable finish

Powers Ups:

-Bonus Points

-Death Machine

3 Customs Bosses:




Easter Egg:

-Acid Gat

Note: my map is somewhat simple but I hope you still enjoy it. I am very ashamed that they depend on (T4M) but I am learning. my map has details but is still playable. If someone makes a video I will upload it to this post. I promise to bring something better next time and with more perks. thank you and I leave some images here below. I accept criticism.


(Image removed from quote.)

(Image removed from quote.)

(Image removed from quote.)

Map for Mediafire

Map for Google Drive:



-last king

If I forget someone let me know ... thank you
 Big F,you don't add in mule kick with a map that has like 4 wonder weapons?
17 days ago
Really looking forward to playing this! Will be playing it Live! :)Looks really good! If you wanted to see
 Bruh you should feel lucky map maker,ice grenede himself commented on your map and played it and he also says that he did a video on it(also for some reason it's private)
26 days ago
 lower the the textures in the texture settings to play the map and i think it requires t4m to play but im not sure even tho it doesnt say t4m edit nvm its  not working for me too after the new update it says couldnt load ui button a

 Yeah that's the exact error I am talking about,funny how the update he said that it would fix stuff broke the map completely
44 days ago

This is my first ever map I am releasing to the public. A lot of tears were shed making this, but it is finally done! This map is based off of a inaccessable devmap from Modern Warfare 2, then expanded upon and given the zombies treatment

HarryBO21 Perks
No Perk Limit
World at War weapons
Buyable ending
Not much else actually. I plan on doing bigger and better maps in the future, but I think this is a good starting point for making this an actual hobby

Harry BO21 for the perks
Infinity Ward for the map
Treyarch for the mod tools
UGX for the tutorials
Sniperbolt for the prefabs
Radimax and Phil81334 for the scripting help (I cannot thank you enough!)

Again, this is my first maps ever actually released to the public. Any criticism or feedback is more than welcome either in this thread, or over at the UGX discord! Hope you guys enjoy <3


-Risers have been added to all zones! Have fun ;)
Power Switch has been fixed to not be able to be turned off. 
MP40 Buyable has been fixed in Deadshot room
Texture fitting
Zombies will now move more predictably
Wunderfizz has been removed to encourage people to buy perks and not camp Wunderfizz the entire game
Zombie spawns have been added to Speed Cola room
 the map isnt working,it just crashes my game giving me an error,sth about ui
44 days ago
Hi @all,

we will end this year with a migration to another server, which is part of the upcoming bigger changes on UGX-Mods. (more info in the new year)
The transition will go probably smoothly, but just in case we expect a few hours of downtime or connection issue after the migration.

The new server will be Frankfurt, Germany - so you might notice a small delay (although the new server is more powerfull, so you might notice nothing at all ;))

We will notify you on Discord & Twitter once the forum will be temporarly unavailable and the migration starts / ends.
During that short period, email support is also not available!

Please note: We will also migrate our development server (JIRA, Confluence) without notice in the new two weeks, which means our knowledhe base and support center is unavailable for a short period as well.
 While having better servers is better does ugx really need it? I mean I have never faced any problems with ugx so far
67 days ago
Ok I found a bug the nuke launcher(paped m4's nube tube)isnt working it doesn't do what a nuke power up does and it doesn't have any explosive radius it can only do damage through direct impact

Double Post Merge: October 03, 2020, 09:58:34 pm
Ok I found a bug the nuke launcher(paped m4's nube tube)isnt working it doesn't do what a nuke power up does and it doesn't have any explosive radius it can only do damage through direct impact
 And there are weapons from the list that don't want to appear on the map like I tried even looking at the weapons file to see if they are there and they are it's just that you can't get then in game even using give all you can't get them like the ppsh for example
154 days ago
@klevi   @akch14 Thanks :)

@galal mehrez it came out of nowhere. I haven't announched it or anything.

 Ah ok then was abit surprised when that came at my face on the map section
155 days ago
Lol was I out of the loop on discord or did that come out of nowhere
155 days ago
I have played the beta version and while playing it I got a round keeps progressing glitch the map was really good you did such an amazing job with this map especially that it's your first map,like really only few people make maps that are good and you are one of them I am gonna download this full version and play it later cuz I am outside now so I am not able to play it now
155 days ago
I like that each area of the map presents a different challenge. In this area an easy way to survive snipers is to take the roof of the central building, for example. 

Double Post Merge: July 12, 2020, 10:33:36 am

UPDATE 07/12/2020
*Fixed the juggernaut perk with 250 points of health 
Thanks to galal mehrez for helping me correct this. O0 

Juggernaut FIX Version - DOWNLOAD 

 :D it's the first time i got thanked in ugx
237 days ago
Hi everybody! This is my first map that I really want to complete, I've been using the tools for some time but haven't really finished a map I want to change that with this map I really would appreciate any feedback because I really want to improve my "skills". 

So, I decided to re-... de-make speedball from Modern Warfare (2019) with few models from that game and COD: WW2 and mostly using the assets from World at War to give it more of an old-style practice range look. 

My map will feature: 

-BO1, BO2 perks (HarrysBo21's perks). 

-BO1, MW, MW2, BO2 weapons (I'm trying to use old weapons, but i can add BO3, AW, GHOST and IW weapons if you guys want) 

-A mini Easter egg 

As of right now that's it I'll hopefully be able to release an alpha build later next week so i can get better feedback. 

I might add more playable areas or more features like boss zombie (but again I don't want to bite more than I can), still I would really appreciate suggestion of what people would like to see in this map. 

Here are some screenshots:
(Image removed from quote.)

 (Image removed from quote.)

(Image removed from quote.)

(Image removed from quote.)
 I want to see futuristic weapons too I mean more weapons equal more fun right? 
239 days ago
 Open the screenshots in a new tab to see them. Dont know why they aren't showing up normally
 Ok that worked ty
239 days ago
 What was the file you changed? I'm curious how you fixed jugg.
 It was the zombie perk file I searshed for the jugg health line on it and found that it was 160 and I changed it to 250.... The zombie perk file is in the nazi_zombie_mix.iwd file you need to open the iwd file as zip then you would need to open the zombie perk file as a text file
250 days ago
 these 2 screenshots are the whole map(:
The screen shots are broken
254 days ago
Are the snipers in the desert town area REALLY necessary?

That area itself is already pretty tough in regards to hoarding zombies due to the CQC layout - that in itself isn't a complaint. But it feels unfair to simultaneously have to juggle these enemies that can deal considerable damage from a distance that's hard to shoot back at while on the move, - made especially annoying by Jugg not providing as much additional health as it should - are pretty accurate, respawn frequently out of thin air mid round, and generally make the outdoor area of that section harder to survive in than it is already.
 Don't worry I fixed jugg and contacted and sent the file to him when he sees it he will upload the fix
255 days ago


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