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I like that each area of the map presents a different challenge. In this area an easy way to survive snipers is to take the roof of the central building, for example. 

Double Post Merge: July 12, 2020, 10:33:36 am

UPDATE 07/12/2020
*Fixed the juggernaut perk with 250 points of health 
Thanks to galal mehrez for helping me correct this. O0 

Juggernaut FIX Version - DOWNLOAD 

 :D it's the first time i got thanked in ugx
30 days ago
Hi everybody! This is my first map that I really want to complete, I've been using the tools for some time but haven't really finished a map I want to change that with this map I really would appreciate any feedback because I really want to improve my "skills". 

So, I decided to re-... de-make speedball from Modern Warfare (2019) with few models from that game and COD: WW2 and mostly using the assets from World at War to give it more of an old-style practice range look. 

My map will feature: 

-BO1, BO2 perks (HarrysBo21's perks). 

-BO1, MW, MW2, BO2 weapons (I'm trying to use old weapons, but i can add BO3, AW, GHOST and IW weapons if you guys want) 

-A mini Easter egg 

As of right now that's it I'll hopefully be able to release an alpha build later next week so i can get better feedback. 

I might add more playable areas or more features like boss zombie (but again I don't want to bite more than I can), still I would really appreciate suggestion of what people would like to see in this map. 

Here are some screenshots:
(Image removed from quote.)

 (Image removed from quote.)

(Image removed from quote.)

(Image removed from quote.)
 I want to see futuristic weapons too I mean more weapons equal more fun right? 
32 days ago
 Open the screenshots in a new tab to see them. Dont know why they aren't showing up normally
 Ok that worked ty
32 days ago
 What was the file you changed? I'm curious how you fixed jugg.
 It was the zombie perk file I searshed for the jugg health line on it and found that it was 160 and I changed it to 250.... The zombie perk file is in the nazi_zombie_mix.iwd file you need to open the iwd file as zip then you would need to open the zombie perk file as a text file
43 days ago
 these 2 screenshots are the whole map(:
The screen shots are broken
47 days ago
Are the snipers in the desert town area REALLY necessary?

That area itself is already pretty tough in regards to hoarding zombies due to the CQC layout - that in itself isn't a complaint. But it feels unfair to simultaneously have to juggle these enemies that can deal considerable damage from a distance that's hard to shoot back at while on the move, - made especially annoying by Jugg not providing as much additional health as it should - are pretty accurate, respawn frequently out of thin air mid round, and generally make the outdoor area of that section harder to survive in than it is already.
 Don't worry I fixed jugg and contacted and sent the file to him when he sees it he will upload the fix
48 days ago
Hello today I bring you the Monopoly zombie map for world at war for those of you who can't run bo3 or don't own it but still wanted to play this amazing challenge map!

(Image removed from quote.)(Image removed from quote.)(Image removed from quote.)(Image removed from quote.)(Image removed from quote.)

Ported weapons (Bo1, Bo2, MW3
Black ops 1 perks
Chance Cards
Custom player model/viewhands
Custom hud

Probably More Let me know If I missed you
 I am excited after I finish the exams I am definitely going to play this good job on remaking it into waw
48 days ago
Thank you very much everyone for comment!

If you complete the soul boxes, you get a wonderful reward weapon. But you can finish the map without completing this part.

I was fighting for a long time against the limitations of the engine to get to shape this map as I wanted.For example, I had to convert a lot of bsp geometry into static models so as not to exceed the bsp limits. Therefore, I appreciate that you like it.

I haven't worked with scripts in a long time, but if someone help me with the changes that I have to implement to correct the juggernog, I can try to release a new version less difficult for solo players. 
 It's very easy you just need to change the number that jugg gives we I opened the file I found that it was set at 160 I changed it to 250 so I made it 5 hits for you to day like the normal in waw/bo1/2 (not 3 as in 3 it's 6)so if you want me to upload my changed file I could just need you email to send it to you
56 days ago
Hello its been a while since I last talked to you so I noticed a glitch not sure if it's only on my end but the extra health the jugg give you is less than it should be I die in like only 3 hits with it which means I only got one extra hit before death with jugg which is wrong as jugg is supposed to give you 3 extra hits not 1 (that's probably why I have left the map for these long and thought at the time that I was just bad and apparently it turns out cuz I die easily) and what makes me sure it's bugged not that a zombie double swiped me twice or something is that I opened the zombiesmode_perks file and found that jugg is written to give you 160 extra health only which I think should be 250 from what I remember
93 days ago
How do I open the pap room? I could not find any way to open it
94 days ago
These are the locations for the "secret room easter egg", shoot them in that order.

View at your own risk if you want to spoil the hunt for them.
Ok ty

Double Post Merge: April 24, 2020, 01:52:45 am
 These are the locations for the "secret room easter egg", shoot them in that order.

View at your own risk if you want to spoil the hunt for them.
 Ooooh now I know why u want able to see any skulls...... The problem is with my monitor like I would have to look very very closely to see them they hardly appear on my screen
110 days ago
Can you tell me plz where is the secret room? I shot the 3 small cup/can things and I got the mustang and Sally and activated the radio and I still can't find the room with the other perks and pap I already unlocked the power room that needs keys
111 days ago
Why a mega link? It's much slower than a mediafire link. If you don't like mega you can download it from the zombiemodding website directly.
LOL wdym 😂 mega is alot faster then media fire like media fire for some reason sometimes downloads on only 300 kb/s while mega demands to take the whole spped of your internet

122 days ago
 damn right it would be amazing. needs to happen like this more often, becaue it would revamp the waw custom zombies community. 
127 days ago
Hello, today I bring you a recreation of the Monopoly zombie map from Black Ops 3 made by Kill Joy. This map isn't 100% the same as it features different weapons and players. Overall I plan to bring everything I can back from the original one but I am no scripter so I will be reaching out for help. I've taken some very early screen shots here for you I hope you enjoy.

(Image removed from quote.)
(Image removed from quote.)
(Image removed from quote.)
(Image removed from quote.)

Features planned:
Custom Player (Lucifer)
waw, bo1, bo2, mw3 weapons
custom power up
bo1 perks
shootable ee
buyable ending
time gameplay
custom camos
 That would be amazing as I watched Noah play it and it looked fun and as my pc can't handle bo3 it would be amazing to play it in waw
133 days ago


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