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Try to place it derectly in your appdata's mods folder. Using winrar, or anything that opens that iwd and place it all in there. (If you understand what I am saying). if not you might have a long day reinstalling all your mod tools, not optional.
(But Best perferred).
124 days ago
Have you recently, (I'm guessing you lost it idk??) Opened a .bak? (I'll ask you to do that first!, Its like a pop up screen.) Prior to opening your work? Because if you remember doing that then, sadly most likely you have lost it, radient well automatically overwrite your .map and your .bak when you say ok or yes to that pop up message. and update the .bak  aswell to the most up to date structure of you window.
(Your whole work in radeint even if its empty just to let you know I'll update your .map and .bak to that). I see you say you have over 100 kb in the file. Try opening it in a text editor and just copy all the line (select all) and make a new map, save file open that in text editor and paste your copied line to that then open your newly created map and it should mabe work for you?. 
148 days ago
Fuck your nearly or are at the limit of materializing in radeint. If not then,Sadly this is the game's fault and not yours, your using up too much resources then the game can handle. Try changing all your meshes/regular squre material to bigger sizes and sadly if you still get errors and then do a "re-size all" to ratio of 128 256 512 like areas/units. This might be mostly of the problem,if not then on your terrain place patches above 0.635 cm or do a clean 2.54 cm xD in your end. restart your pc if you cant run your map. your work might be good but it gets as good as the game sadly can "handle". Try to have a nice day and thank you for understanding. The cells are stupid and aren't required is all of your compiling check marked on in the luncher? assuming you still dont know how to fix the cells error then check mark some of the options in luncher to uncheck mark tell your compiling works for you. experiment a bit with them too.
211 days ago
just try and get creative sadly. don't know how they use dynamic water and tryed to make my own looks like shit so try just try. i just change dynamic water material colors and has a weird blueish leave with it in the end (but color changes :) ). But I think it's possible there in your case... 
223 days ago
that might be cause your pc is on too long, or if your on laptop, was put to sleep too many times, try restarting your operating systems either witch, that should do the job :).
266 days ago
is that win10? just asking. look around, lunch mod. if you cant, create a map lunch that one and just use console to load
the map, you can use in the console example "devmap" "map" "map and the .ff" yeah dont know what windows ur using...
find the downloaded exe that you installed, normally im guessing that. you can just use that exe's name and just add dot ff. so your downloaded mod name,  then .ff with no special charecters. find it and mabey you play it.
317 days ago
i have one unfinished skorpion evo, that i dont think im going to work on, dont know about it....say just maya files???
if you want it?
317 days ago
What are you doing here? Its not about you xD
339 days ago
oh my god Ok ok ok this is what it feels like in here strickly "YOU ARE SOME ONE ELSE" thats it, dead. by of all, sence when was it about time
To pin point what its about, the original postie, was ment to reflect the question. No its not even a question anymore... its obvious and no no no people dont even relize your post here blut. Yes, it is that... effort... if this guy would take his "own"? Efforts to make things right and not keep shit alive, and yes blut i'd be glad for you to read this and anyone who dont understand here whats going on that real world that there are and
Are not is that mental health is a seroius problem and people dont understand, (#its in the real world here!#.) That i dont acknowledge your roll?
That i can grab what ever i want? If i where to grab your stuff would you let me? would it be how you see my post? (you dont need to tell me i already get it, it just how it feels like for me.) that there are something in this world would tell others here not to accomplish there goals here?
I get it all am i capable here that i dont want to disrespect anybody here that would hurt there dreams or goals..
 but to "post" shit like this
was rude to others. And "always" was going to go that directions and alway was going to show it all... Stated.
339 days ago
Been trying to fix that too no success, but i guess i play along with  it cause well you see this is a problem by 3arc them self you blame them
but mabey if you can handle codwaw missing bullshit and cant play the game cause what i want to tell you is that you edit most vital
Parts of the files to get what you want. And sadly got this far and do it yourself. (By i mean back up your raw and find a way to make it work in there). Yes, With everything you want.

You can do it!.
339 days ago
Modtool or treyarchs original codwaw to the public. google search the modtools and be touched by god himself.
339 days ago
xD public vs private...
i think i choose private, yes you can do what every your reason that dont matter for me. Nor others for sure. Post like this makes people
Stayaway from ppl like you. And making a new newer account some one will notice for sure.
For public?
come on man just cause you see scripter or donator status do's not mean that ill magiclly appear. infact i made shit myself do i have to tell
All? Will it go to youtube Directly or automatically? (is this what your expecting?) NOOOOOOO becuase i dont need to deal with behavior like post from here xD. Or mostlikely from you.
dont confuse "your-reasons" on anything you cant "fix" cause ill just cause anything hilarious like this. am i public shaming? Possible if thats
What your after or dont get it at all then why have you joined ugx-mods? like you can run a successful site and wonderful ppl here or can you do a better one? I have my doubts here. Will i delete this post? probably not. I aim at one direction. [not to fuck up xD.]
339 days ago
Shit, light grid *sorry, to confuse you that is not my aim, im use to that cause  well being busy with the mapping tool takes a serious toll
In my spelling/how i see it. (The modding im refering to) Its essential for the game to have lights/also possibly the olny way to tell the game to have light space and dark spaces. Stated with out this in your map i'll be rainbow color every where. Also you can find it in tools in your
Textures Selection window under usage tick tools and youll find it there along with light grid sky next to it. Hope this helps you...
343 days ago
Is anywhere else other then that dark place Also Affected? Cause all i can think of is that you dont have light grid volume in your map.?
if you dont then the results would be rainbow color every where else in your map.
344 days ago
Thank you thank you thank you! soo its a no or a dont know? yeah i'll stick with purchasing then...
Sadly its bullshitly 15 grand now if you choose 3 years xD, what to do? (Not asking anybody just being self absorbed here...)
congrats on your map nice! :) love the bo3 slidings. Fun
345 days ago


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