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I am done. done I am, am I done?
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Try to place it derectly in your appdata's mods folder. Using winrar, or anything that opens that iwd and place it all in there. (If you understand what I am saying). if not you might have a long day reinstalling all your mod tools, not optional.
(But Best perferred).
266 days ago
Have you recently, (I'm guessing you lost it idk??) Opened a .bak? (I'll ask you to do that first!, Its like a pop up screen.) Prior to opening your work? Because if you remember doing that then, sadly most likely you have lost it, radient well automatically overwrite your .map and your .b...
289 days ago
Fuck your nearly or are at the limit of materializing in radeint. If not then,Sadly this is the game's fault and not yours, your using up too much resources then the game can handle. Try changing all your meshes/regular squre material to bigger sizes and sadly if you still get errors and then d...
352 days ago
just try and get creative sadly. don't know how they use dynamic water and tryed to make my own looks like shit so try just try. i just change dynamic water material colors and has a weird blueish leave with it in the end (but color changes :) ). But I think it's possib...
364 days ago
that might be cause your pc is on too long, or if your on laptop, was put to sleep too many times, try restarting your operating systems either witch, that should do the job :).
408 days ago
is that win10? just asking. look around, lunch mod. if you cant, create a map lunch that one and just use console to load
the map, you can use in the console example "devmap" "map" "map and the .ff" yeah dont know what windows ur using...
find the downloaded e...
459 days ago


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