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No because ugx mod already has most of these perks in it - and the system that controls perks "in general" is completely different

I don't even think it leaves a ff space free either

I meant like a collaboration with the devs of UGX Standalone to replace their perks with yours, not just a compatibility fix that allows them to both work.

On a side note: UGX Standalone only has the structs of the BO1 - BO2 perks if I'm not mistaken. Is there any way that you can make a alternate version of your mod where the models are there and not just the structs, and where the BO3 perks and PaP variants are included?
1380 days ago
hi ive been working on a custom zombies map for a while, however after compiling it and the patch and building the mod I ran the map for the first time and I got and error and I checked the console and got this does anyone know hoe to fix:

ERROR: in map: C:\Program Files (x86)\Activision\Call of Duty - World at War\map_source\
ERROR: Entity 101 misc_model at (320 104 40) no model assigned
ERROR: in map: C:\Program Files (x86)\Activision\Call of Duty - World at War\map_source\
ERROR: Entity 632 misc_prefab at (539 1299 9) has no model
ERROR: Prefab '_prefabs/' not found
any help would be appreciated (this is my first map)

To get to the coordinates mentioned, in Radiant, hit "Misc" and then "Go to position".

The first one is telling you that the model at those coordinates does not have a valid xmodel attached to it. If you go to it in your map, you should see a red box. Either delete it, or press "N" while you have it selected and set it to a valid model.

The second one is telling you that the prefab at these coordinates does not have a valid model. Open the prefab in another Radiant window, and do the same thing as I mentioned above.

The third one is simply telling you that the prefab you placed either doesn't exist, or isn't in "map_source/_prefabs/".
1381 days ago
You can't use my perks with ugx mod

Could you potentially update it so you can? I would personally love to see your perks pre-packaged with UGX standalone as it is. Your perks are a lot easier to use than most other peoples perk packs.
1381 days ago
So everything works fine for me right now EXCEPT 1 thing in radiant. The 3D view works fine but when I move in the 2d view it GLITCHES OUT! I can zoom in and out fine, but when I right click and move, the whole grid just glitches out and goes all over the place  >:( >:( If anyone can help me it would be greatly appreciated.

Possible solutions:
1.) Reinstall Radiant
2.) Reinstall the mod tools
3.) Remake the map.

Something is wrong with either Radiant, the mod tools, or the map itself.
1381 days ago
(Image removed from quote.)

Windows 10 x64
GTX 970

Woah. Um, that seems like it's pretty much a corruption issue to me. Delete the mods(backing them up if you so please),  and reinstall them. Do not interrupt the installation process, as this is known to cause a variety of issues, mainly regarding visuals in my experience. If that doesn't work, verify integrity of game cache in Steam and reinstall mod tools. If that doesn't work, uninstall then reinstall the game. Also, reinstall the UGX self-installer itself(I.e reinstall the Orbit.exe thing) and don't interrupt that download process either.
1381 days ago
Always Sprint Zombies:
Always sprinting zombies seems like a bit much, dont'cha think? But I'm certain that if you look hard enough for it in the scripts it will say something about defining the speed of a zombie based on what round it is. Just make a copy, modify it to your liking, and plug it into your mods, /maps folder.

Auto Turret:
That's already a prefab. Look for the "turret_prototype" thing.

Deployable MG With a Price for Use:
Look for how to make a static mounted MG and just add the "zombie_cost" "amount" KVP to it. Not entirely sure how to make the text display on your screen like it would with a perk, and how it says "Buy Juggernog: Cost 2500". Not entirely sure how you would go about time limitations on the MG, if any.

Like a Maxis drone that you have to BUILD, or like a box weapon that replaces your alt grenades? There are many different ways this can be implemented. It all just depends on how you wan't to integrate it, although I haven't seen a whole lot of maps with buildables, and with good reason. It's sorta annoying to have to scavenge for parts, and it makes it not worth the effort.

Buyable Shield:
That is actually rather simple. Just google how to make a wall weapon from scratch. It's basically gonna be the exact same thing, just don't include the chalk and gun-coming-out-of-wall-after-purchase things.

The Gobblegum is not at all simple. That requires a ton of scripting. Find the map that the person you're watching is playing, and see if you can't track down where the map-maker got his scripts from.

Moving Box:
Download Sniperbolt's tutorial prefabs. The "treasure_chest_start" one is where the box will begin, and the 5 numbered ones will be alternate locations that it can move to. I don't know if putting the same prefab down twice would create another alternate location, or just not work, but I'm assuming it's probably the second one. (For example two treasure_chest_1 prefabs would either not work, or work perfectly. I have yet to actually test this.) This is certainly a LOT easier that making each box location from scratch.

Alternate Boss Zombies:
I have no clue. Can't be too hard though. Refer to UGX's "Adding Boss Zombies Made Easy" thing or whatever it's called. If you use the UGX 2.0.1 script placer it should have the option to integrate the UGX "Adding Boss Zombies Made Easy" thing.

Hope this helps!  :D
1387 days ago
Hey guys! I ran into a problem when trying to compile and run my map after installing Harry's perks. I followed his instructions to a T and installed everything correctly. When I run my game, I get a bad syntax error. I checked console and even ran in dev 1 mode and all pointed me towards the _zombiemode_perks.GSC that HE setup, that was placed in my mapname/mods folder. I checked line 549 like it said to, and the only thing on that line was a bracket. This is the _zombiemode_perks.gsc in my mapname, and I made NO changes to it. Any ideas, did I install incorrectly, or did I mess something up? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

An extra bracket can very well cause syntax errors. Make sure that the bracketing is correct. All that a syntax error means is that something isn't being formatted correctly programming-wise.
1387 days ago
this is my customap1.gsc file

   level.DLC3 = spawnStruct(); // Leave This Line Or Else It Breaks Everything
   // Must Change These To Your Maps
   level.DLC3.createArt = maps\createart\nazi_zombie_field_art::main;
   level.DLC3.createFX = maps\createfx\nazi_zombie_field_fx::main;
   // level.DLC3.myFX = ::preCacheMyFX;
   // Variable Containing Helpful Text For Modders -- Don't Remove
   level.modderHelpText = [];
   // Change Or Tweak All Of These LEVEL.DLC3 Variables Below For Your Level If You Wish
   // Edit The Value In Mod.STR For Your Level Introscreen Place
   level.DLC3.introString = &"nazi zombie tes";
   // Weapons. Pointer function automatically loads weapons used in Der Riese.
   level.DLC3.weapons = maps\dlc3_code::include_weapons;
   // Power Ups. Pointer function automatically loads power ups used in Der Riese.
   level.DLC3.powerUps =  maps\dlc3_code::include_powerups;
   // Adjusts how much melee damage a player with the perk will do, needs only be set once. Stock is 1000.
   level.DLC3.perk_altMeleeDamage = 1000;
   // Adjusts barrier search override. Stock is 400.
   level.DLC3.barrierSearchOverride = 400;
   // Adjusts power up drop max per round. Stock is 3.
   level.DLC3.powerUpDropMax = 3;
   // _loadout Variables
   level.DLC3.useCoopHeroes = true;
   // Bridge Feature
   level.DLC3.useBridge = false;
   // Hell Hounds
   level.DLC3.useHellHounds = true;
   // Mixed Rounds
   level.DLC3.useMixedRounds = true;
   // Magic Boxes -- The Script_Noteworthy Value Names On Purchase Trigger In Radiant
   boxArray = [];
   boxArray[ boxArray.size ] = "start_chest";
   boxArray[ boxArray.size ] = "chest1";
   boxArray[ boxArray.size ] = "chest2";
   boxArray[ boxArray.size ] = "chest3";
   boxArray[ boxArray.size ] = "chest4";
   boxArray[ boxArray.size ] = "chest5";
   level.DLC3.PandoraBoxes = boxArray;
   // Initial Zone(s) -- Zone(s) You Want Activated At Map Start
   zones = [];
   zones[ zones.size ] = "start_zone";
   level.DLC3.initialZones = zones;
   // Electricity Switch -- If False Map Will Start With Power On
   level.DLC3.useElectricSwitch = true;
   // Electric Traps
   level.DLC3.useElectricTraps = true;
   // _zombiemode_weapons Variables
   level.DLC3.usePandoraBoxLight = true;
   level.DLC3.useChestPulls = true;
   level.DLC3.useChestMoves = true;
   level.DLC3.useWeaponSpawn = true;
   level.DLC3.useGiveWeapon = true;
   // _zombiemode_spawner Varibles
   level.DLC3.riserZombiesGoToDoorsFirst = true;
   level.DLC3.riserZombiesInActiveZonesOnly = true;
   level.DLC3.assureNodes = true;
   // _zombiemode_perks Variables
   level.DLC3.perksNeedPowerOn = true;
   // _zombiemode_devgui Variables
   level.DLC3.powerSwitch = true;
   level thread DLC3_threadCalls();
   setVolFog(200, 1500, 350, 100, 0.4, 0.425, 0.44, 0.0);

   //thread anti_cheat();
   level.zone_manager_init_func = ::dlc3_zone_init;
   level thread DLC3_threadCalls2();
} //

If it says it couldn't find a script, get it from somewhere, making sure everything is up to date in the process, and put it in its proper place both in your mod and your raw files, tick that file and rebuild the mod. So if it says that it couldn't find the script that should be in the clientscripts folder, (I.e _dual_wield.gsc, the one you're dealing with at the moment), put it in your mods clientscript folder and raw folder in your root directory, and rebuild the mod. You must rebuild the mod, because the game only reads the files in the .iwd package, which launcher packages for you when you build the mod with "Build .iwd File" ticked.

This should work. Keep in mind that this set of steps works in any scenario where it says that it kind find a specified script, with the steps of course being tailored to that particular instance.

TL;DR If it's missing, get it from somewhere.
1387 days ago
I have error after error after ERROR with this map. I intended for it to have UGX Standalone, which didn't work out. Then I just simplified it to my Elevator script, Kino-Der-Toten-Style-Teleporter, and Harry BO21's perk machines, which also didn't work. I removed of those things, which still didn't work, then I just put everything except for UGX Standalone back in. I have added, removed and changed nearly everything with no results. If anyone would like to tell me what I'm doing wrong, my map is linked here:!zJVGHTiZ!SiLWw49pMli6XrjwVtCWnPquL58c-NFV_wxJW0RWbv4

I am truly disappointed that I couldn't figure this out on my own without just releasing my map, because I don't wan't to release it until it's done, but its clear that unless I become God himself, that isn't happening.

Please help. This map's core features are pretty much done, the rest I mainly need to get done is the aesthetics, so I hopefully won't run into any errors in later versions.

And I know what everyone is going to say so let me be a bit preemptive here.

"Reinstall the modtools"
Doesn't work

"Show us the console"
Pretty much pointless. Every error I run into I try and comment out the corresponding lines for, just to see how many issues I am having. I am still in the process of counting.

"Reinstall the game and modtools"
Doesn't work.

Please respond ASAP, this issue is driving me insane  :rainbow:.
1387 days ago
If you mean UGX Mod, you can not install the UGX Mod with Harry's perks.

Well how would I go about merging the UGX file and the Kino teleporter one? I know scripting pretty well but COD WAW scripting has been a pain in the ass and I'm not so sure that I can quite do it all that well.
1399 days ago
IIRC you can actually just use harry's but you risk being teleported out of pap

Where would I find this?

Edit: Scratch that. I actually just need help figuring out how to install UGX Standalone and Harry's script simultaneously.
1400 days ago
How would I go about making a custom perk machine that removes the delay (Melee's are as fast as you can hit MMB). I have little to no experience with making custom perk machines and resources about how to edit any sort of melee mechanics are limited. Any help?
1401 days ago
So I have UGX Standalone v1.1 installed (Correctly) for my map, and I also have a Kino-Style Teleporter as well ( Problem is, UGX Standalone v1.1 already has a _zombiemode_perks.gsc file that it comes with, and the Kino-Style teleporter mod requires you to overwrite that file, otherwise you will encounter an error. However, UGX Standalone v1.1 also requires you to have their _zombiemode_perks file or else you will also run into an error. Is there any way to merge said files? I find it hard to believe that it is necessary to choose one or the other.
1406 days ago
So this is pretty simple to explain, but I haven't gotten any answers from google, so I figured that I'd post here. My issue is that launcher will not compile my level entirely. It just says this in the console

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

In the bottom-left corner it says "Error -1073741819". I have Compile BSP, Compile Lights, Connect Paths, Compile Reflections, and Build Fastfiles all ticked, as well as the mod specific map thing ticked. I have built my mod and patch file successfully before I attempted to compile this. Can someone please help me with this? This is very annoying.

NOTE: I am editing the map file in radiant directly from my map_source folder, yet somehow when I save the map, open the game, run the mod, then run the map, none of the changes I have made were present.

Double Post Merge: July 18, 2016, 10:47:56 pm
Fixed. I reinstalled mod tools, used UGX Script Placer 2.0.1 to make a new mod with the old map, built mod with the Build .ff fastfile and build IWD file ticked, compiled the level with the same boxes ticked as before (It worked this time), compiled the patch file with the build .ff file box ticked only, ran the raw game, loaded the mod and used devmap. I am still unaware of what happened, but I am glad it is fixed.
1408 days ago


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