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No because ugx mod already has most of these perks in it - and the system that controls perks "in general" is completely different

I don't even think it leaves a ff space free either
1380 days ago
hi ive been working on a custom zombies map for a while, however after compiling it and the patch and building the mod I ran the map for the first time and I got and error and I checked the console and got this doe...
1381 days ago
You can't use my perks with ugx mod

Could you potentially update it so you can? I would personally love to see your perks pre-packaged with UGX standalone as it is. Your perks are a lot ...
1381 days ago
So everything works fine for me right now EXCEPT 1 thing in radiant. The 3D view works fine but when I move in the 2d view it GLITCHES OUT! I can zoom in and out fine, but when I right click and move, the whole grid ju...
1381 days ago
(Image removed from quote.)

Windows 10 x64
GTX 970

Woah. Um, that seems like it's pretty much a corruption issue to me. Delete t...
1381 days ago
Always Sprint Zombies:
Always sprinting zombies seems like a bit much, dont'cha think? But I'm certain that if you look hard enough for it in the scripts it will say something about defining the speed of a zombie based on what round it is. Just make a copy, modify it to your liking, ...
1387 days ago


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