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I have been looking for custom zombie maps that have gobblegums in the map. I have found one map, Fortress, but can't find any other maps with GG.
Any maps you know off the top of your head, with GG, please post.
1456 days ago
Has anyone completed this EE yet? This is to good of a map for the EE not be completed via gameplay.
1489 days ago
type 'r_flamefx_enable 0' in console

Thanks. Worked!!!
1695 days ago
this is most likely due to a different map that had a fire in it and you disconnected while on fire
Anyway to get rid of it?
1695 days ago
Why does my character constantly stay on fire? Is this normal?

1695 days ago
So instead of getting BO3 for Xbox like I usually do every game release, this year I got it for PS4. I am new to PSN and in need of good friendly friends to play zombies with. Send friend request to PSN: bkcarlito
I look forward to playing with some ppl.
1781 days ago
Ok so I know there are staff upgrade stations.....but I have yet to figure out how to get a staff. Are staff's possible in this map? If so, care to give a hint to point me in right direction?
1785 days ago
Found a bug but not entirely sure when it happens or what causes it. The zombies will not hit you at all when they are crawlers. They do some sort of ridiculous glitch with the model.
1785 days ago
I know this may sound like a noob question but it really isn't......been on break from zombies for a good while.
What mode do you play for the EE(s) and other objectives? Classic? Arcade?
And those mutators are something else. Very nice touch. Awesome map from what I've seen so far.
1798 days ago
I think there are a lot of bugs that I can't fix, all of you have encountered many problems which I didn`t know.
I don'tt know what I can do. :'(

I don't know nothing about mapping. But what I do know is don't let any of the comments discourage you. They are commenting to help and let you know the bugs in your map. If you need help on fixing these things I am sure there is someone around that would be glad to help if you asked. The map looks just needs a few bugs fixed is all. I look forward to the update of this map.
1847 days ago
I found a glitch and it's a major one if you are unfortunate enough to get into it. I was on round 15 and had the button sequence completed and was trying to finish the soul boxes. I was down stairs and was trying to race to get up stairs during the start of a round. I paid the 500 points for the elevator and got trapped on the right corner of it and couldn't move at all. I tried jumping, running out, and got downed and nothing worked. To say the least I was pretty pissed cuz I was doing so good and came into this horrible glitch. I don't think it is a major one to worry about unless more ppl get into it quite often.
1877 days ago
any way this EE can be done in singleplayer? maybe a different way to do it?
2008 days ago
I think the 1 thing that would make this map even better is a zombie counter. It would help a whole lot.
2117 days ago
Bro this is an EPIC map. Probably one of the best I have played. Got to round 19 and it got crazy. Love the area with the perks and all the hidden EE. I look forward to completing this map and see what else there is to it. Pretty sure I opened all the map but got downed before I could survive the amount of rounds. Keep doing awesome and epic maps. Will play this many many more times.
2190 days ago
Downloaded map twice and still same problem. Seems like its the download to me. As you can see I am not the only one that has this problem. Not sure what is different between your download and the one I downloaded.
2200 days ago


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