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I`m sorry, you can`t. I had to disable it because of highly custom gameplay. 

I`m happy to see people still play Grid Lock though! :)  
48 days ago
I get a server script compile error when lauching my map

Error in developer 0:

******* Server script compile error  *******
Error:       Could not find script 'maps/_blst_panzersoldat'

Error in developer 1:

******* Server script compile error  *******
Error:       Could not find script 'maps/_blst_panzersoldat': (file  'maps/_zombiemode_spawners.gsc', line 142)
self thread maps\_blst_panzersoldat::mech_prespawn();

can someone please help me  ???


you have to copy/move the file named BlSt_PanzerSoldat.iwd into your mod folder most likely.
You will find that file in the download.
1415 days ago
Yes and they won't give us any files or the tool to make them so we're shit out of luck unless someone around here hacks around the format.

Have they given any reason for this or did they just tell you guys that they won't as if its no big deal? Or something else?
1492 days ago

I'm trying to control the movement of zombie dogs, but SetGoalPos( origin ) doesn't seem to work like with zombies.
When I set goal position dogs doesn't move. But they will run towards a enemy if I don't set dog.ignoreall to true.

I can control the zombies this way, just not the dogs. Anyone know how I can make dogs run to a origin?

1511 days ago
So where is he?  ??? There's almost no trace of him.

I have no idea if i'm stepping into drama or not here, but couldn't find out anything on the forum, and was planning on using some of his awesome work in my WIP map.

1560 days ago
Nice, great find!

Do you know when and how often that function is used?
1589 days ago

if I had to choose only 1 of the 4 choices, I would go with scripting.
Second choice would be mapping.

The reason for scripting is because I like to focus on game play/mechanics, but having a cool map layout is also an important part of that. And detailing (which i hope to improve on my next map) makes the map feel more real and "alive", which immerse you in the experience.

1754 days ago
Well learning names is fine and dandy but need to figure out what the function parameters/return/types are :D

what do you mean?:)
I didn't intend to memorize names, but look through stuff in those links and find what I'm capable of using^^
1846 days ago
Cool, that sounds like a useful function.

Here is a complete list of functions:,7207.0.html

Ray's sublime auto complete for gsc,7211.0.html

My (and others helping) sublime auto complete for gsc, csc, and menu, can be found here:,5923.0.html
and here is where we keep it updated:

Woah, nice :D

Thank you very much:) Have to put some time into absorbing those resorcouces.
1846 days ago

I've found a function that is not in "scripting reference" or anywhere on the forum when i searched for it.
It has been of help to me when trying to solve a few problems so I'll post it here for anyone that don't know about it. I think this comes under "General Help - Scripting"

Anyone else know of "unknown" functions that might be of use? Please post :)

VectorFromLineToPoint( line_point1, line_point2, target_point);
This function "draws" an infinite line through the coordinates line_point1 and line_point2, and gives back the perpendicular vector from that line to the coordinate target_point.

I've found this useful a few times, but treyarch have used it to determine if an entity is in front or behind a player or character. In sniper_stealth_logic.gsc on line 257 you can see an example of that, the function is called "entity_is_in_front_of_me( target_entity )".
1846 days ago
But I don't think anyone has ever said that lol. Most responses are trying to be humorous usually rather than outright hateful. ::)

Hehe no, that was a quick exaggeration to easily get the point across :)

- which is exactly what i just said ;)
 - here is my disagreement
 - us saying the same thing

ok, seems we agree.
1848 days ago
I actually disagree

Sure some people cant control their crappy responses and I agree thats wrong, but not to the full extent described here

Its as MZ said, some of it - is just not what the section is for at all

I think some of this falls on the user. I for one, take a look around forum boards before steamrolling in, oblivious to what has been said / done before - or in most cases, with something thats entirely nothing to do with the board at all

If your gonna just completely ignore the other 100 posts in there, and still come in a post a "map" idea, that is just a list of guns, honestly i dont know what they expect? Coz the last thing i "expect" to see is "wow, great idea!"

Can you imaine if Treyarch did this? Hey guys got some great DLC coming your way! Gun, Gun, Gun, Gun, Gun, Gun and Gun - stay tuned.

People need to pay attention to what the board is "for" - just as much as people need to control their attitudes. Its called forum etiquette. This section has become a farce frankly, bar the one or two well thought out ideas that actually do get posted

So the long and short is - there is fault on "both" sides, as due to the shed load of utter uselessness we see in here, leads to people with actual map ideas, not wasting their time to post them

I don't think I disagree with anything you said ;)
Except I'm not sure what you disagree about.

I don't expect people to not react as they do, or feel that the sections need any of those kinds of ideas. And I feel they "should" check out other posts before posting an idea that may have many good arguments against it, or may simply have been posted way too many times already in one form or another.

I just would like there to be less hostile noise and more to the point arguments, or no response at all.

Response with signal/information:
Box maps have been made 100 times before, most people find it very boring and there's already far too many to choose from.

Response with pure noise:
Your ideas suck, please leave forever.

To me at least, it doesn't seem like we disagree.
I just don't see the point in bringing someone down, when we can tell them what's wrong without hostility;)

1848 days ago
Thank you NomNom, I agree wholeheartedly.  Saying X is shit isn't helpful.

Wholeheartedly agree too!

Reply with a short explanation and/or leave the thread.
1848 days ago
First I was thinking that if they announce mod and map tools again, they would make sure they first get a clear green light from activision to do this.

But after reading what "Director of Development" said in the press release I'm not so sure:p
The wording makes it easy to pull back on any of these promises :\

We'll have to wait and see :)
1857 days ago
This looks amazing dude! Great work

This is a Great Map, Brilliant in fact and  thanks for taking the time to make this. it kept us occupied for hours.

Thanks guys! Hope you enjoyed yourselves :)

The intention was to make a deep experience with much to get into, discover and try out :)

Secret jumping puzzles NO One have found (that I know of^^) :
! No longer available

Only the first 4 min of the video is showing you the jumping is random and not "required"^^
Anyone figured out some part of the jumping puzzles or?

1868 days ago


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