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I`m sorry, you can`t. I had to disable it because of highly custom gameplay. 

I`m happy to see people still play Grid Lock though! :)  
51 days ago
I get a server script compile error when lauching my map

Error in developer 0:

******* Server script compile error  *******
Error:       Could not find script 'ma...
1418 days ago
Yes and they won't give us any files or the tool to make them so we're shit out of luck unless someone around here hacks around the format.

Have they given any reason for this or did...
1495 days ago

I'm trying to control the movement of zombie dogs, but SetGoalPos( origin ) doesn't seem to work like with zombies.
When I set goal position dogs doesn't move. But they will run towards a enemy if I don't set dog.ignoreall to true.

I can control the...
1514 days ago
So where is he?  ??? There's almost no trace of him.

I have no idea if i'm stepping into drama or not here, but couldn't find out anything on the forum, and was planning on using some of his awesome work in my WIP map.

1563 days ago
Nice, great find!

Do you know when and how often that function is used?
1592 days ago




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