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Map is a pain solo.. I tried recording a video but couldn't get a decent play through lol.. Must try harder  :lol:

Hehe, the trick is to keep the zombies back while you:
-open the map to get to tiered weapons.
-upgrade(keep track of point limit).
-unlock perks.
-unlock secret doors(shoot small artillery hidden in the map).

Then let the zombie further in the map to open next soul door when you feel confident.

Do you think you could update it one more time to fix Quick Revive? I hate having all the zombies round up on top of me and dying as soon as I get back up :alone:

Will try to do that if I got time and figure out how to do it.

Meanwhile, crawl away from where you got downed(you can crawl when downed) so you're not surrounded when you get back up. This works about 90%+ of the time for me.

Hope that helps for now :\
1601 days ago
I finally beat it on solo!! Only took about 5 tries. This was an awesome map and I'm not sure if I was the first to finish it solo. I really wish I would have recorded the entire gameplay but I did manage to record the last 10 minutes once the end game was activated. Awesome map!! Can't wait to see what you have next in mind

Cool:D Glad you had fun :)
I got an idea for the next map, but not sure if I get the time to work on it now that school have started....I've started a test map though, to test and develop a few concepts.

Beat it with mah friends

(Image removed from quote.)

Took quite a while but it was very fun, although the star at the endgame made the game EXTREMELY laggy. Glad we beat it :D Thanks for the unique map!
and heres the video ending to that epic game
thx for the great game wunderful (and hass)

Cool, will watch the video :)
Yeah, I was afraid the star would make it laggy, but after testing it on 3 different computers I decided to keep the star as it is now and hoped it would work for most :)

Will check out more of your play through too if greenzie have it on twitch:)
Btw thanks greenzie, will look into the quick revive thing if I make another update.

Great map but I found it quite hard, Maybe because I can't get good weapons early on or I cannot train the zombies. Maybe a little easier and It would be in my favorites.

Yeah, it was intentional that it training should be almost impossible;)

I'm reluctant to make the map easier because there are some play styles that make the map easier and I want it to be challenging even if you learn the "best" play style. But if I update the map again, I might make another solo difficulty option :)

The wall buy druganov is very good though if you get to it, and extra good with speed cola :)
1605 days ago
My video on this map.

thanks for posting video :)

Also here is the first full play through of the map that I've seen:

! No longer available

This was done on the 1.2 version. They didn't find all the secret areas and map connections or any of the 2 "uber upgrades". The player recording shot right at one of those upgrades and saw the water which i "troll hinted" at in earlier post ;) But hey hadn't opened the 2 necessary secret rooms to get to it^^

Great video, seems like they really got how to play the map successfully :)

KnivingCombat and AGVideos also played it very successfully but F1Ne5T Gamer and ProTecT_Legend was the first to finish the map, that I've seen recorded :)

1611 days ago
I just beat this map solo! Such a fun map and great ending. I like the grids, they bring something new to zombies.

Didn't notice your post until now, probably because of the delay from post approval.

Awesome, cool to hear from people managing to complete the ending :D
I'm feeling more and more confident about where the difficulty is at, it should be a challenge to complete:)
1611 days ago
great game and great finish you sir have a fabulous mind for mapping thank you for sharing your vision we're not worthy

Hehe Thanks alot:)

By "great finish" did you mean you have finished it?:)
1614 days ago
Just reading the story to this map reminds me of an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie called Running Man. If you've seen you will know what im talking about, but if you haven't, at least read the summary of it. Ill have to give this map a try later.

Haha just read the summary, seems very similar^^

Yeah, give it a try but watch the "Grids easy explanation" video in OP first:) and maybe read tips for beginners too:)

Great map. really unique. but is there an ending other than death?

Thanks alot:)

 yes there is an ending, when you've finished the grid tutorial you get some hints on how to start the "end-game". The ending should be challenging to complete too though:)
1617 days ago
I just downloaded the new version of your map, and it looks like something broke in the new one. I was playing and got hit 6 times with no jug and survived. I stood in a corner and continuous got hit and still didn't die.

I relaunched the Mod to see if the map bugged out. Started the map and sat in the corner on round 1.

I got smacked into oblivion and yet still didn't die. Please look into this, it's not fun to play knowing you basically have god mode :c

Thanks for reporting,have been fixed now.

v1.3.1 changes:
-Fixed god mode bug.
-Added info to tut about how many grids you have captured, and how many you have left.

Double Post Merge: August 18, 2015, 12:04:13 pm
I have to say that this was by far an innovative map ( if I did not comment on here before).

For non experienced players who think you can tackle this map, dont do it while you think you're ahead. this map will crush you before you're even prepared. go and play easier maps or challenge yourself to tough gameplays such as town without juggernog or Verrukt then comeback.

this map will tear you to shreds, thats why I love it!!! Its innovative and challenging. forget anything you know about zombies as the map takes on a new expirience.

I'm not writing these tips to you but to people new to the map that reads your "warning":)


Tips for new players:
-Use betties EVERY can build up a "cushion" of bettys to absorb zombies when you loose control.
-Gamble as little as possible until you get to "tiered" gambles. You can get upgraded weapons from tiered gamble.
-Get betty and grenades as soon as possible.....the first rounds should be very easy if you do.
-Use the betties in locked grids and in dangerous spots, not in a random unlocked grid.
-Pull back as soon as the zombies get close, and never stay in a spot where you can easily get stuck or blocked off.
-Always reclaim a grid at the end of the round for safety and points.
-Watch the Grids Easy Explanation video in the OP.
-Get points by rebuilding the windows in the bunkers.
-Find and shoot the perk "signs" and artillery pieces for points. You may get negative points but it is skewed toward positive points.
-Keep track of points and wallet limit!
-Try the wall-buy shotgun, you don't get less points for using it. And snipers are op if your aim is ok.

More advanced tips:
-If a grid is very wide but not long, make sure to pull the zombies along the wide side(so as to not unlock that grid yet), until you get pushed back and have to let them through the short side of the grid.
-If you choose not to open all doors you can make very long "lanes" at different places in the map, in which you can use as your fighting lane.
-Let the red glowing(terminator) zombies come to the front before killing them so you can get the drop. Same with green(invulnerability), purple(double points or quick foot) and yellow(instakill).


I've seen a few videos of players complaining about the difficulty in the start but are refusing to buy grenades or betties....the first few rounds are incredibly easy if you lob a grenade into each of the bunkers, especially if you use betties too.

With the 'tips for new players' in mind, I don't understand how the map can crush you until very late in the game!:)

And with the advanced tips also, you can finished the map mission!
1618 days ago
More people (myself included) are leaning towards the hard/very hard side, which is surprising.

why do you feel its surprising?:)

1619 days ago
Grids are not as confusing as it seems in this video;)

It's difficult if you don't use the grid concept.
And the zombies ALWAYS follow the grid rules:)

Here is a short and simple explanation
! No longer available
1619 days ago
:lol: A stunning map please make maps and egg completed 2 times average Difficulty  :lol:

Thanks:) What do you mean, make it easier?;)

Could be I'm just stupid, but I still can't figure out how to capture grids :alone: All around great map though! :D

I made a short and very easy tutorial on youtube:
! No longer available

Updated map to V1.3.

See the youtube video above for example of in game tut.

v1.3 changes:
-New in game grid tutorial added. It guides you through 3 grid captures and reward points when completed. (Triggers when there is something to capture)
-Changed the first "soul reward" from 3 free doors in the start area, to unlocking a random perk( that is not revive).
-Artilleries easier to find and you get information about how many is left and when its completed.
-You now have to press "F5" to skip break, so that host can chat without skipping break.
-Hints added and many things have been made easier to understand.
-Information and hints about how to get to the mission.
-Decreased difficulty slighty to compensate for no free doors in start area.
-Fixed somewhere zombies couldn't find you.
-You no longer die if you complete the mission and escape without phd.
-Much better learning experience than before!
1619 days ago
Training is something that has been apart of zombies for so long, that if one took it out, players would get agitated to say the least. Personally, I feel that training shouldn't be as easy as finding the most wide open area and running circles. It should be difficult and have to make the players think about exactly what they are going to do, and how they are going to do it.

hehe I'm currently working on making it hard to train in open areas too;) not removing it, but make it very challenging

from the votes it seems like people are split in what they like :)
1621 days ago
awesome map I've been going crazy trying to progress in solo mode I really like the map makers imagination and style Thank You

Thank you :)

I'm soon working on a new version with better explanation, and help to understand and get started with the grid concept. Will hopefully be up in a few days.

Anyone got any suggestion to the new version regarding anything?:)
1622 days ago
I don't mind training although I think it's a flawed AI mechanic. That's why I love Extinction from Ghosts the gameplay is all chaotic although it's a unpopular opinion.

Yeah, seems a bit flawed to me too. Haven't played Extinction much but the more chaotic gameplay seeem apealing to me to.

It just wouldn't be CoD Zombies without training, man! Yes, it is easier and yes, it can get pretty repetitive but it will always be my method of choice.

Hehe maybe not;) I like the idea of being swarmed by zombies and trying to hold them back, something I don't get from training^^
1622 days ago

Was wondering what people thought about "training" zombies in maps.

Personally I don't like it very much...I feel all the challenge and fun in a map can dissapear.
It can also become a bit repetative;)

Ofcourse a map can be very good with trainspots, but in general I feel this way.

Please vote and/or reply with thoughts.
1622 days ago
With UGX Mod there is a option to customize character. Not sure if it was fully implemented though.

Ok, thanks:)

I failed in the playthrough
but that map is fun just to explore and look for things I haven't found everything so some parts are still new to me.

Yes, it will take you some time to figure out everything and complete it:)
Have looked for the secret rooms? one of them is necessary to complete the map
1624 days ago


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