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Thanks a lot, guys O0
182 days ago
I dont know how to get the key T_T
 If it is the power key, look inside the nearby night club 
194 days ago
Thanks for comment, guys O0
205 days ago
Thanks a lot for your kind comments. O0
It is true that I stopped the project several times. I suppose that the frustration of not being able to solve some things by myself, together with the problems of daily life, made me get away from this hobby on several occasions.
But after so much effort invested, I needed to finish the map and share it with everyone who had followed the thread of the work in progress. ;)

Thanks fo comment! I really appreciate a lot. ;)
I feel that after a handful of multiplayer maps, and this zombie map, I do not have much else to say or contribute. I have in mind to start a new project: make a "simple" 2D game. For which I have to learn a lot of programming, which is my weakest point. In the free time that my real work and other occupations allow me, of course.

237 days ago
I am pleased to announce that Mixti Fori has exceeded 1300 downloads! :cheesy:  And the number of downloads continues to rise steadily, day by day.
This far exceeds my highest expectations. Thanks to all! ;)
241 days ago
Thanks a lot for your kind comments. I really liked the idea that from the respawn you could see the end of the map. It's like closing a circle, the mission of the players starts very close to where it will end ;)

Regarding weapons, all the credit must be given to El Tito Pricus, who has given them to me. I have limited myself to follow his instructions to incorporate them into my map.

To me the weapons seem really great!

Thanks for comment! :)

1. There are two golden doors that can be opened. One of them is necessary to be able to complete the map (the one that is together with the monolith) The other can only be opened from one side, but not from the other, which gives you a somewhat different route. In order to open it, it is necessary to explore a bit near the Nazi camp. Just that, explore a little.

The rest of the golden doors are decorative, they are to give the sensation that the old complex of the final part of the map is even bigger than it is (And already it is very big)

There is also a secret door in the French thematic area ... it allows access to a hidden room with something similar to a reward (if you have the necessary points) It really is not easy to discover how to open it ... the testers who helped me test the map before the release NEVER discovered how to open it. If you are interested, I can give you some hints by private message.

2. I'm a little confused, but I have not added the staff on my map. English is not my native language, so if I gave the impression that I had added those elements, I apologize.

3. It is not possible to leave the final area, except if you die. This is a very thoughtful design decision. I could have added teleportation to return to other areas of the map, but I like the idea of players reaching a final stage, from which they can not return.
244 days ago

Thanks for playing my map again! O0
246 days ago

UPDATE - 06/15/19

* Added an optional version without nudity

* Fixed the Quick Revive bug in Solo

* Fixed the powerup minigun bug (you can no longer buy weapons while this powerup is active)

* Improved the respawn zombie in the last areas of the map (in the upper and lower part of the circular temple)

* Solved the possible problem of getting stuck in the blockade next to the PHD

* Improved some minor issues
247 days ago
Thanks to Blunt Stuffy I solved these bugs:

- Quick Revive Solo bug
- Minigun Powerup (you can no longer buy weapons while this powerup is active)

I have also corrected the possibility that a player could get stuck in the window next to the phd, and a couple of minor issues.

I want to review some more things, especially in the final part of the map.

So in a couple of days, I'll upload a new version of the map.  O0
251 days ago
Thanks a lot! I was afraid that the map would be too easy for even one player :) Unfortunately, I do not know how I could give more life to the players. 

Thanks for the comment! Were you "recovering" from a blow before using teleportation?

I'm trying to correct all the errors. I have tested the map hundreds of times, during the last months, and I've finished the map a few times. The truth is that I have never been stuck anywhere. I'm going to take a look at what you mention. I think you've had very bad luck. 

255 days ago
Thanks for comment!  This weekend I'm going to take a look at that bug and the others that have been commented O0

Thanks a lot! I really appreciate it. :)

#The Never Ender
Thanks!  Would it be possible for you to send me a screenshot of the place where that happens, by private message?

I already have a new version of the map without nudity, but I will wait to solve the mentioned problems before releasing it. 

But if any youtuber wants to make a video, I can provide the non-nude version by private message ;)
257 days ago

Why do not you prove it for yourself?
And yes, the wonder weapon from Zetsu can be obtained... although it is not so easy ;)
259 days ago
Yes, I'll try to take a look at the quick revive. But currently I am very busy with work and other things, I need some days to check this.

Regarding the position of the zombie counter, I like where it is ;) Although I do not rule out doing what you ask me, if there are many more people asking for that change.
259 days ago
#Blunt: Thanks a lot, mate!  Without your help, I would not have gotten it O0

#Galal:  There is no limit for the perks, you can buy the 8 available perks. The gameplay on SOLO can be a bit frustrating at first, but once you buy the first submachine gun and get Juggernaut, for example, it is easier to face the challenge.

The first thematic area (France) has a quite complex flow of zones. It is possible that in an only specific place the zombies need to cross a hidden corridor to connect with the areas in which the players are. I forced the zombies to die while crossing that long corridor, to make the gameplay more agile.

I have tried to avoid that the zones are too linear, especially at the beginning of the map, to offer several alternatives and routes to the players.

#fer2829: A million thanks! I really appreciate it. :)

#ocxmwys4mod: Thanks for playing my map!  I'm glad you like it ;)
259 days ago
Finally! I can't wait to play this :D
 Thanks a lot! :)

Quote from: treminaor on June 01, 2019, 07:24:58 PM
This map looks pretty awesome from the screenshots, I'm getting back into playing WaW maps lately and this looks worth checking out. I saw you mentioned your hintstrings arent updating, this is a common issue in WaW and can be fixed using this guide

Thanks Treminaor! 

During the last weeks, I have been trying to apply that tutorial, without success. It just does not work for me, and I do not know why. :'(

omg i played abit of this map and got to only one world and to the hub of the portals (because i was busy being amazed at everything and died) and this map is amazing it just has only one problem....its not youtuber friendly the house with the portraits of nudes in it needs to be removed or replased with something els if you want youtubers to play it so i think you should update it because i think this map would get really populer its really good and i want to see youtubers playing it also i like alot how you made it its like 4 or 5 maps in one (not sure how many because i havent played all of it) and the download is only almost 300mb too for me this is one of the top favorite maps of all time thats your first zombie map too i am amazed and i will surely get to playing it again soon this is a master piece :+1: :)

Thanks, Galal. I really appreciated your opinion. 

I'm glad you like the map. O0

I had not thought about the youtubers, although, for me, the nudes are simply art.
You've convinced me I think in a few days I'll upload a version of Mixti Fori without nudity ;)  


260 days ago


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