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Topics - Huruman

UPDATE - 07/12/20
*Fixed the juggernaut perk with 250 points of health

UPDATE - 06/15/19

* Added an optional version without nudity

* Fixed the Quick Revive bug in Solo

* Fixed the powerup minigun bug (you can no longer buy weapons while this powerup is active)

* Improved the respawn zombie in the last areas of the map (in the upper and lower part of the circular temple)

* Solved the possible problem of getting stuck in the blockade next to the PHD

* Improved some minor issues

The hintstrings are not updated, so when the power is turned on, messages from perks dispensers and PAP are not updated.
Despite this, everything is functional:  the perks can be purchased without problems, and the weapons can be improved.
As long as you have the necessary amount of points, of course.

5 years ago

First I want to apologize for not having updated the original WIP thread in a lot of time.

This project has been stopped for quite some time. After many months of constant dedication I was a bit exhausted and needed to rest. That, together with some worries and personal problems, has meant that the break has been much longer than desired.

But now the map is finished, and I am fixing the last bugs.
In this regard, I have to greatly appreciate the help of BluntStuffy, whose contribution has been crucial in this last phase of the project.  Probably, I would have been discouraged again if I had not counted on his crucial contribution as a collaborator.

5 years ago

- 1938-1939: Third German expedition to Antarctica. A boat with a crew of 33 men and two seaplanes explore the region they call Neuschwabenland, New Swabia. They taking 16,000 aerial photographs. To affirm the German presence in Neuschwabenland three flags were placed along the coast and thirteen brands were placed inside through air travel at intervals of 30-40 km. Those marks were aluminum poles with a steel cone with a swastika on top. There was also a reconnaissance team along the coast in charge to register the geography of the area. The expedition also sighted from air the presence of thermal springs with vegetation in the Schirmacher oasis.

-1943, december: Admiral Doenitz sent a telegram passes almost unnoticed at the time: "The German submarine fleet is proud to have built an earthly paradise, an impregnable fortress for the Fuhrer somewhere in the world."

-1944: Germany is clearly losing the war. Meanwhile, at the Antarctic Base Neuschwabenland a colossal discovery occurs: during a routine expedition they discover strange and mysterious archaeological remains. Hitler sends submarines to the Antarctic with hundreds of soldiers and dozens of scientists and specialists loyal to the Reich. When digging in the ice, soon a vast system of tunnels and ancient buildings comes to light. All strive to approach what seems to be the core of the immense enclosure, where there is evidence that are facing an immense and decisive power that can help the Nazis to change the outcome of the war.

-1944, october: The last messages received from Antarctica are confused and incoherent: it seems that an epidemic of madness has been primed with Nazi soldiers and scientists. They speak of a strange power that alters the will of men, or of dead who rise to attack their comrades alive. After that, silence. Until, simultaneously, various waves of undead surge from different and mysterious places of power of the planet.

No power seems able to stop the undeads. A small international team is sent to Antarctica, where previously the Germans had found some clues to find a way to stop the zombies.


Rural outskirts somewhere in northern France:

Spoiler: click to open...

Schlosstür Burg, a castle controlled by the SS somewhere in the Austrian Alps:

Spoiler: click to open...

Ruins of an abandoned temple in the jungle, somewhere in Southeast Asia:

Spoiler: click to open...

Medina walled city somewhere in Tunisia:


Spoiler: click to open...
*Five separated areas set in various places on the planet. You can only move from one area to another using teleports (done)
*Dimensional portals: personalized teleports system, from the multiplayer teleport script. Teleports are active from minute 0, have no cost or limit of use (done)
*Custom menu music (done)
*Custom round sounds (done)
*Many ambient sounds created for the map (done)
*No hellhounds (done)
*Zombie counter (done)
*3 permanent mystery box (done) - with custom models and sounds (done)
*More than 70 statics models created by me exclusively for this project (done)
*A lots of custom materials and textures (done)
*A lot of custom fx (done)
*Buyable ammo (done)
*8 perks (WIP)
*Secret areas (WIP)
*Slippery ice  (done)
*Origins staffs (done)
*Different zombie models according to areas (planned)
*Damage areas by freezing or fire (planned)
*Buyable or winable ending (planned)
*Wonderful weapons as a reward for more exploring or curious players (planned)
*Well of sacrifices in lava pond (similar to the Soul Chests) (planned)
*Energy traps (planned)
*Special zombies or bosses only in the antarctic zone, in the last part of the mission (planned)
*Powerfull Final Boss to ending the mission/map (planned)
*And probably, some more things ;)

I accept suggestions and requests, as long as they are consistent with the philosophy / sense of the map ;)

I must admit, however, that my scripting skills are quite limited (very limited, in fact!) So to make some suggestions I probably need help ;)

Spoiler: click to open...
WWII weapons (and older):
- Mauser C96
- 38Special (BO3)
- M1 Garand (Advance Warfare)
- STG44 (Advance Warfare)
- WINCHESTER Lever Action (Advance Warfare)
- PPSH (BO3) 
- MG42 (WaW)
- M1919 Browning  (WaW)

Modern/Futuristic weapons:
- ARX160 (Ghosts)
- SC2010 (Ghosts)
- CARBINE (Bulletstorm)
- XPR50 (BO2)
- CHAINSAW (Ghosts)
- Dingo (BO3)
- REPULSOR (Advance Warfare)
- RIPPER (Ghosts)
- Ray gun (WaW)

Wonder weapons:
- XMG1 (Advance Warfare)
- KT7 (BO3)
- Flaregun (Bulletsorm)
- Wunderwaffe (WaW)

Spoiler: click to open...
coming soon
7 years ago
A while ago that i checked in, but in the end I decided to introduce myself. I apologize for my poor English usage  :)   

I am a Spanish mapper, and I'm finishing in my scarce free time my first map of zombies (a huge project). In recent years I have created a handful of multiplayer maps, but I've never done a custom zombie map, however.

This site and tutorials has greatly helped me to start making my first custom zombie map. I hope to share my progress and my doubts with you, in the post that will open shortly.

If you want to have a look, I leave a little information about my multiplayer maps:

Maps Completed:

mp_alcazaba (COD2)
mp_trainingcamp (COD2)

mp_burma (COD WAW)
mp_byalistok (COD WAW)
mp_trainingcamp (COD WAW) - conversion of my original map of COD 2
mp_leningrad (COD WAW) - conversion of the official map of COD 2 in collaboration with W!Ls0n
mp_yerbabuena (COD WAW) - official map for the total conversion REDLINE
mp_resort (COD WAW) - official map for the total conversion REDLINE

Some vids:

Some screenshoots:

Regards  ;)
7 years ago
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